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ESRI Mobile Data Collection Users Group Webinar Feb 21st, 2019 - Recap

Here is the schedule for the next ESRI Mobile Data Collection Users Group. 

If you would like share how you are using mobile technology, or any tools related to mobile data collection please let us know as we are always looking for future presenters.


Here is a link to the recording:


Thank you.

Shawn Blaesing – Iowa DOT,

Sean Dolan – ESRI,

Tom Brenneman – ESRI,


Presenter: Adrian Sellars - GIS Program Manager, Utah DOT -

Presenting on the Traffic Count group Workforce, Collector, Survey123 workflow.  This project from scratch as per request to help put ATR (automatic traffic recorder) data into one place where it get's updated, location inspections are generated against it, and new sites can be added.  The past workflow used a MS access database, google sheets, paper inspection forms that were then entered by hand, and a separate GIS database showing their locations.  It is now all GIS based and updated/maintained using ESRI mobile applications and ArcGIS Online 

Presenter: Cricket VonJames – IT Manager, Stormwater Program, Nevada DOT, -

The mobile application Collector and GIS maps are used to conduct stormwater inspections, which can be viewed by office staff in real-time. This has given NDOT the capability to more efficiently and effectively to perform inspections of outfalls, industrial facilities, maintenance facilities, and stormwater assets.  It has also assisted in their ability to investigate illicit discharges.

Presenter: Ishmael Chivite – Senior Product Manager, Survey123, ESRI -

Presenting up updates to Survey123.

A big thank you to our presenters from last week for ESRI Mobile Data Collection User Group - August 2018 Webinar. Thank you also to Esri for hosting and managing the recording which can be found here:


Ian Kidner / Tony Clark – Talking about Ohio DOT Collector Data Loss Issues Summer 2018 and


James Tedrick (Esri)– Survey123 Product Manager with an update


Tom Brenneman (ESRI)– QuickCapture Introduction


Our next webinar will be in mid-Nov and we are still looking for one or two more speakers.  If you are interested please let us know.


Thank you.

Shawn Blaesing-Thompson (Iowa DOT)

Sean Dolan (Esri)

Tom Brennaman (Esri)

Here is the summary for the May (05/17/18) Field Data Collection User group.  The next webinar will be in August so if you are interesting in presenting or would like to be added to the group let one of us noted at the bottom know.  


Link to the recording:

Here is the direct download link to the recording of today’s UG webinar (tell everyone to fast forward to the 1:20 mark):



1.       Darin Welch and HNTB team (along with INDOT Matt Cook) - Presenting on solution built for INDOT railroad crossings that leverages Collector for ArcGIS


2.       Gary Bowles (Seneca Resources) - Presenting on use of Survey123 for ArcGIS to collect data for natural gas well pad inspections and environmental monitoring


3.        Jeff Shaner (Esri) -  Providing product updates on Collector for ArcGIS (and possibly Workforce for ArcGIS)


Thank you!

Shawn Blaesing-Thompson O 515-239-1805

Sean Dolan C 571 485 6159

Tom Brenneman C 317-361-5064