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Esri is very close to the initial release of Collector for ArcGIS (Aurora) on iOS, and will be hosting a holistic testing event on October 2-3, 2018.  This is a great time to get involved if you are interested in exploring the new capabilities that Collector offers and want to test your existing data collection workflows.


Note:  This is a remote event and will be limited to iOS onlyFor those interested in participating, please fill out the below survey to ensure broad coverage of customers and industries:


During the event, participants will have the opportunity to test their workflows and provide feedback on new capabilities, including:


  • Taking and working with maps offline
  • Creating and working with pre-planned offline areas
  • Improved sync workflows, including auto-sync
  • Collecting data with high-accuracy GNSS receivers (including Trimble R1/R2)
  • Copying existing features from other layers
  • All the capabilities already available in our beta release


Thank you!

A big thank you to our presenters from last week for ESRI Mobile Data Collection User Group - August 2018 Webinar. Thank you also to Esri for hosting and managing the recording which can be found here:


Ian Kidner / Tony Clark – Talking about Ohio DOT Collector Data Loss Issues Summer 2018 and


James Tedrick (Esri)– Survey123 Product Manager with an update


Tom Brenneman (ESRI)– QuickCapture Introduction


Our next webinar will be in mid-Nov and we are still looking for one or two more speakers.  If you are interested please let us know.


Thank you.

Shawn Blaesing-Thompson (Iowa DOT)

Sean Dolan (Esri)

Tom Brennaman (Esri)