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Thank you to all those who attended Esri’s “Conducting Safety Analysis Using GIS” webinar on Friday, August 24th.


For your reference, the presentation slides from the webinar can be accessed/viewed here:


A full video recording of the webinar can be accessed/viewed here:


Thank you again for your attendance and participation in this webinar, and please let me know if you have any questions or issues accessing the links above.


Best regards,

Sean Dolan


I conjunction with today's Winter Operations Webinar, I went ahead and pre-recorded all of the demos so you can watch the demos we didn't have time to show today or rewatch videos again to pick up on items you may have missed.


Plow Activity


Post Storm Analytics


Damage Claims


Granular Material Inventory


Operation Record

Winter is join Esri's Transportation Team on August 21st to learn how you can use GIS tools to support your real-time snow management and road maintenance operations.  Register today at: