May Field Data Collection User Group Webinar Summary (05/17/18)

Blog Post created by Shawn.Blaesing_Thompson@iowadot.us_IowaDOT on May 21, 2018

Here is the summary for the May (05/17/18) Field Data Collection User group.  The next webinar will be in August so if you are interesting in presenting or would like to be added to the group let one of us noted at the bottom know.  


Link to the recording:

Here is the direct download link to the recording of today’s UG webinar (tell everyone to fast forward to the 1:20 mark):



1.       Darin Welch and HNTB team (along with INDOT Matt Cook) - Presenting on solution built for INDOT railroad crossings that leverages Collector for ArcGIS


2.       Gary Bowles (Seneca Resources) - Presenting on use of Survey123 for ArcGIS to collect data for natural gas well pad inspections and environmental monitoring


3.        Jeff Shaner (Esri) -  Providing product updates on Collector for ArcGIS (and possibly Workforce for ArcGIS)


Thank you!

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