Survey123 and Spike for Departments of Transportation

Blog Post created by erodenberg-esristaff Employee on Dec 21, 2017

I'm pretty excited to show the integration of Survey123 with Spike by Ike GPS.  This paring enables you to turn your iPhone or Android phone into a laser range finder with Spike.  Integration with Survey123 allows me to capture, GPS coordinates, distance to target, area, length and a few other measurements.  It enables me to capture data 6' up to 324' away which means I can stand at one end of a football field and capture GPS coordinates of an asset at the other end.  I think, sign inventory, culverts, drains, ADA curb ramps, crash cushions, concrete walls, control fence, and bridges are ideal candidates for an inventory or inspection with Survey123.  While concrete walls and control fencing are usually modeled as linear features, Survey123 could capture related tables with locations where fences or walls need to be repaired.   While this is in Beta you can sign up for the as a beta tester and start working with it today which I'm sure Ismael Chivite and his team would love to get as much feedback as they can.


My video editing prowess was certainly challenged today, as a result I'm uploading the videos as 4 separate videos.  I was also able to make use of the iOS screen recording capability which was cool.   If you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out... thanks.


Here is a link to the Survey123 survey I used for this demo.


Intro Video

Survey123 Connect - Related Tables and Spike Integration

Field Collection with iOS, Survey123 and Spike

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