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I'm pretty excited to show the integration of Survey123 with Spike by Ike GPS.  This paring enables you to turn your iPhone or Android phone into a laser range finder with Spike.  Integration with Survey123 allows me to capture, GPS coordinates, distance to target, area, length and a few other measurements.  It enables me to capture data 6' up to 324' away which means I can stand at one end of a football field and capture GPS coordinates of an asset at the other end.  I think, sign inventory, culverts, drains, ADA curb ramps, crash cushions, concrete walls, control fence, and bridges are ideal candidates for an inventory or inspection with Survey123.  While concrete walls and control fencing are usually modeled as linear features, Survey123 could capture related tables with locations where fences or walls need to be repaired.   While this is in Beta you can sign up for the as a beta tester and start working with it today which I'm sure Ismael Chivite and his team would love to get as much feedback as they can.


My video editing prowess was certainly challenged today, as a result I'm uploading the videos as 4 separate videos.  I was also able to make use of the iOS screen recording capability which was cool.   If you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out... thanks.


Here is a link to the Survey123 survey I used for this demo.


Intro Video

Survey123 Connect - Related Tables and Spike Integration

Field Collection with iOS, Survey123 and Spike

Send Changes and view them in the Operations Dashboard

Good morning,  here is the last video in the series on ditributed collaboration and 511.  This workflow is still a prototype and has some scalability testing to go through after the new year.  I want to at least make you all aware of what we are working on and show you how 511 workflows could be enhanced to take data directly from the enterprise and pushed into the Transportation 511 solution or even the Waze Connected Citizens Program.  Enjoy


Syncronize Collaboration Script


By the hair of my chinny chin chin... here is the Tuesday video I promised.  In this video, I show how distributed collaboration can be used to support mobile workflows in ArcGIS Online.  Hosted feature services living in ArcGIS Online can participate in collaboration where the data captured is written down to Portal for ArcGIS.  The data can then live in the relational data store or it can be exported out and appended to an enterprise Geodatabase.  To keep the Lego theme going, I use Survey123 and its ability to support existing features and related tables. It makes for a complex workflow, and it tests my patience.  You'll see in the video when I go out to Pro to see the attached image, it is not there but what I forgot about was the fact that I'm waiting on a full resolution picture to make its way from ArcGIS Online to the Portal. Of course, it shows up as soon as I stop recording.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy and please send questions my way if you think of any.


Hope the holiday season is treating everyone well.  As we get ready to turn the page on 2017 and prepare for the soon to be released ArcGIS 10.6 and the December release of ArcGIS Online (12/6). I'm planning to release a series of videos this week on technology that exists today that I think can have a major impact on how DOT's utilize the ArcGIS Platform.  I've chosen workflows that are relatively easy to set up and use Keith King's famous Lego block analogy.  If Keith has come to your DOT this year you know what I'm talking about.  For those of you who don't know.  It goes like this, Esri’s apps (Collector, Web App Builder, Survey 123, Solutions, ArcGIS Pro etc.) work great by themselves and depending on the app, they are very simple to use.  Legos are very simple, come in all different shapes and sizes and can be interconnected to form complex objects.  Just like Legos, our apps can be interconnected and can be used to build complex workflows. The videos I share this week will be based on that premise.  I'll take concepts of the platform and applications to support my explanation and build complex workflows.

Today's video shows how Distributed Collaboration can be used to share data from ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal for ArcGIS) to ArcGIS Online for use with ArcGIS Hub sharing to an Open Data Site.  Enjoy!