Curated list of 1,400+ USA-based government ArcGIS servers

Blog Post created by MappingSupport on Feb 24, 2019

Thought people here might be interested in the list of ArcGIS server addresses that I curate. The list is focused on ‘root’ addresses for USA-based government ArcGIS servers. There are currently 1,400+ server addresses from the federal level down to the city level. These are individual server addresses, not layer addresses. The next update to the list should be posted February 27 with 100+ additional server addresses.


Note that the list is mainly focused on ArcGIS servers, not portals. If you have additional addresses for USA-based government ArcGIS servers please send them my way. I am looking for root addresses ending in "rest/services". Here is my contact page:


Any link that goes bad is promptly fixed or removed from the list. Each link on the list is automatically scanned once per week by my own code. I review the report produced by that scan and make any needed tweaks to the list. I expect that most weeks there will be an updated list posted with at least some changes.


Many of the layers hosted by these government servers do not have any copyright notice. Unless I am mistaken, I think that means the layer is “open data”.


You can find the list at:


If you would prefer a text file, then just change the file extension to txt and you can download a text version. So far I have not produced a csv or json file. I might at some point but there is lots of higher priority work to do first.


Finally, the list is a PDF file since if you add good metadata to a PDF then google will score your file very high in the search results. For example, if you search on:
federal GIS server
you will see that I own the first hit.


Joseph Elfelt
Redmond, WA
Twitter: @mappingsupport#