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I'm trying to download some imagery files from a WMTS service or even WCS service and I have not had any luck, I can display the layer just fine in ARCMAP 10.7.1 but I've not gotten any of the included raster or imagery tools to work downloading the imagery at all.  I just need the imagery from a certain extent which I've got displayed ok. Here is… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
  Hi, can someone help me identify the source of this problem please? Each month I consolidate data in an .mdb and share it on a network drive.  Our .mdb is way short of the personal geodatabase max limits so this should not be an issue and we have been using this method for years with no problems until the last 2 months. Now we are getting… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Hello, I would like to convert TIFF images to GRID format and Long raster data type format. Until now, I have tried export raster to different format from arc catalogue, raster to other formats from arc toolbox , but neither of them works. I welcome suggestions. Thank you in advance.
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Using Collector, is there a way to filter changed data in the field?  What I'm after is having a Project (shown as a colored polyline in or along a project area ... example would be grading of a certain section of road) remain visible until the project is complete.  Once completed, technician will initial and enter the date.  Once date is entered,… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
I just finished adding a big bunch of USA-based government ArcGIS server addresses to the list I curate. There are now 2,200+ addresses for ArcGIS servers from the federal level down to the city level. Most of the recent updates were for counties and cities.  This is a curated list with weekly updates that fix or flag any bad links. Open the list… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
I'm doing some work on our website.  One thing I'd Iike to do is add a few URLs which will download filtered data from our Open Data/Hub site.  I think I've been able to form the URL correctly, but I'm having a problem when the data is packaging for download- if the data is not already cached, I will be directed to a page showing the data as… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Hello,   So I am trying to do this: GitHub - mittrees/Treepedia_Public: Treepedia package for public use    Iam stuck at the first step that says that "With the street network and boundary shapefile for your city as input...". That should be understood as that you have 2 separate shapefiles, one in the line feature and one for the polygon… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Our hosted data is missing on our open data site. The available raster downloads and story maps appear unaffected by the problem. I can query the REST services and an external website which share the same data sources is displaying the data content. Site location: 
in ArcGIS Open Data community
We have a secured service for sanitary sewer that and would like to share through our Open Data site. The data will be used for hydraulic modelling by our Engineering Department on a quarterly basis and has info not shared with the general public. We've published a service and shared it with the Organization. When the service isn't shared with… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Hi,   I believe we are having a similar problem that others have posted about before Esri communities, however, I cannot figure out how to fix the problem from previous posts. We published a dataset on our Open Data site for users to access, however, users are having issues downloading it. When I tried to download it from the Open Data site, the… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
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