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Greetings! I am working on a new version of our open data portal that is mostly HTML coded. I am having troubles with a few things we want to do and am looking for some help.  If you can help on the following items, please let me know!   1. I've added navigation tabs to the header using HTML.  I would like to have the page a viewer is currently… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
The date on the Open Data items page does not reflect the current date the data was updated/overwritten like it does on the AGOL item overview page. I would like to show the current date of the data, not the date that the item was created.  Is there a way to do this?  I'd rather not have to edit the page every time I update/overwrite the data.
in ArcGIS Open Data community
We have setup an Open Data site with the hopes of using this site for disseminating our data to public consumers, communities within our County, and private entities would have the need for GIS data.   Setting up the site was pretty straight forward and from what I can tell, Open Data should return the feature layers or items that are within the… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
I'm a new to this so if I missed something obvious here, go easy on me.    I'm creating a page with with an ArcGIS Online Open Data site. The Layout Builder within the Page Editor allows you to add an iframe. I wanted to add a map of US State that was clickable. Initially I pointed it to a web map stored in AGO, using the share link. That worked… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
hello,  please can i kindly get a way to get my images show on the point features i uploaded on Arcgis online. I have point locations of cars dealers as point features but every other characteristic on the attribute table are showing except the image of the buildings. it shows on Arcgis Desktop when i use the HTML PopUp to click on it but on the… (Show more)
A user, running current version of IE 11, asks:  Please check the Open Data website below:   It does NOT load well.  It loads in a quasi-text-only mode.  This makes navigation difficult.  However, the map on this page continues to GROW vertically little by little.  Any content below the map continues to move… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Open Data community
Hi, At the ESRI UC 2017, at a workshop on Open Data, Courtney Claessens mentioned that there is an 'Open Data Policy' template available. Does anybody know where to find that resource? Great workshops by the way--I'm very excited to get our City moving into Open Data--   Zak--
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I have a field of zip codes in one of my layers. In ArcDesktop, they are the Long integer type, and I do not have issues with the thousand comma separator. When I share this map on ArcGIS Online, this field adds a comma separator into my zip codes. Can anyone advise on how to fix this? I tried to manually edit the data in ArcGIS Online and it did… (Show more)
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Is there a way in the Open Data format to track views or downloads of layers provided through my Open Data site? I know in ArcGIS Online you can view usages of layers and apps, but I'm curious to know how many people are using our Open Data platform specifically.
in ArcGIS Open Data community
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