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Where can i find map data for Finland that has spatial data. Have tried using the national land survey of Finland service but can only seem to get .png files, when i add these to arcmap it does not have spatial data so its impossible to plot my gps coordinate data onto it.
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Earlier this week, technology news was buzzing with the IBM purchase of Red Hat for $34 billion.  IBM has been a big data consultant in partnership with ESRI for many years.  Red Hat is the designer of the Linux server operating system and has also supported modern ESRI enterprise services for many years as well (since 9.3) .  This announcement… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello,   I'm in the process of migrating my organization's Open Data site to version 2.0 but am running into an issue I can't resolve. When I add a Gallery from the Layout Builder and link it to a group containing my organization's public applications, I don't see the application thumbnails (or any icons for that matter) display in the gallery… (Show more)
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I am using arc.write() in the R arcgisbinding package to write an sf object to a feature class in a file geodatabase. How do I define the field types of the resulting feature class. For example, I have a field in R which is a character (text) field -  "2018-11-10". When I write this file to a feature class, this field gets interpreted as a… (Show more)
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I'm looking or data sets that include elevation, location, foliage, land cover, water, etc. information for the Colville National Forest in Washington State. Can anyone point me to a place where I can find these data. I'm volunteering for a non-profit so it would be helpful if this is free or low cost but we need the data either way. Thanks!
in ArcGIS Open Data community
How come the open data map navigation has no wheel zoom so you have to use those dumb zoom buttons? Did we go back to 1998 and nobody told me? I don't feel any younger...#where'sthezoom?#whoszoominwho?
in ArcGIS Open Data community
I've attributed all of my datasets that are published to my Open Data portal with tags to enable quick and easy searching. I've also used this functionality to group items under a common tag and this allows me to transport users directly to themed content using the Category widgets in the site layout editor. However, I've come to notice that when… (Show more)
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hi what can i do for define system of projecion coordinative of dtm on arcgsi 10.1
in ArcGIS Open Data community
I wonder if Esri will provide support for making data hosted in ArcGIS Online or accessed via ArcGIS Hub visible to Google Dataset Search? Perhaps there is already a way to attach the necessary markup oneself to a data set's item detail page in AGOL?
in ArcGIS Open Data community
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