• Transformation Scale

    Hello,   I have been learning Transformation concepts working with matrix algebra to develop a basic 2d conformal transformation calculator in excel.  The scale is developed as a relationship betw...
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  • Time-dependent geodesy and implementation i ArcGIS

    Hi, A Norwegian client is asking "interesting" questions related to time-dependent transformations, reference systems and implementation in ArcGIS. All I have found is a good read from Kevin Kelly (FIG 2012) at:...
  • I heard the other day that there is going to be a big change in the coordinate systems that we are going to have to get used to in 2 years. Does anyone know about this?

    What change is coming to coordinate systems?
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  • No transformation available

    Hi, i am working with various layers that have the following coordinate system and projection:   Coordinate system: GCS_CAPE Projection: Transverse_Mercator   How can I add a base map that is ali...
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  • Construct Polygons tool, default tolerance

    I recently came across a problem where I had created a number of polygons from existing lines using the "Construct Polygons" editing tool (default tolerance 0.0108 ft), which used a different tolerance than the f...
  • Setting Coordinate System of GPS Data (Trimble)

    Hi Everyone,    I have some shapefiles that were exported from a Trimble GPS unit that I am having trouble projecting correctly once I pull them into ArcMap. I have shapefiles that were exported from the de...
  • Custom transformations

    Are there any tools out there that can read a *.gtf file and convert it into a shareable format for non-ArcGIS users like WKT2?
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  • Conversion of Trimble GPS Data to NAD83(1986) in ArcGIS

    I realize there are other posts on this topic but I'm not understanding the logic of the consensus so I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me.   I'm using a Trimble Geo7X GPS unit and post-processing ...
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  • Comparing the true size and shape of geographically distant features

    Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question or I'm missing something obvious... It's rare I have to leave the confines of the Ordnance Survey National Grid and think about reference systems.    I s...
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  • Vertical coordinate system poster question ?

    I was here in this group and browsing around and download this file (see attachment).  I think it was organized by ESRI and probably done by Melita Kennedy (?). I am not sure .....   My question here i...
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  • ArcGIS Custom Transformation (.gtf) shift inverted in v10.7

    Hello all,   In my organisation we have historically created custom transformations (.gtf) that carry 7 parameter shift values between GDA94 (EPSG:4283) and WGS84 (EPSG:4326). We constructed these in ArcMap 10.3...
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  • The Night Sky: Making a Star Chart with ArcGIS Pro

    I discovered this amazing, well I think it is amazing, find recently and though to share how you can create a beautiful star chat using ArcGIS Pro. This StoryMap is made by Heather Smith you can find more information ...
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  • XY Coordinates Don't Match Map

    I'm having a problem with mapping my x.y (long, lat) points on ArcGIS Online—I only have access to Online, not Pro or Desktop. I've checked my long/lat points against other sources (e.g. Google Earth) and they a...
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  • Lining up polygon layer from one projection with a polygon layer in another projection

    Good morning,   I am trying to line up one of my polygon layers, which consists of our county layer that is divided into different zones, with the surrounding counties tiger file layer.   My polygon layer ...
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  • Coordinate System and converion

    Hi,   I need guidance, tips to understand, translate coordinate system. I am using an internal asset management system that is keeping coordinate (x, y) as -8889118.673429, 5342798.016983. It is located...
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  • WGS 84 with which datum to use ?

    Hi What is good to use to measure the height/altitude/elevation for an projection for the world ?   I have looked at the WGS 84 for the world but doesn't say which vertical datum to use ?   Does anyone ha...
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  • Projected Coordinate System vs. Geographic Coordinate System

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the world of GIS so I was somewhat confused when I saw the option of choosing from either a geographic coordinate system or projected coordinate system in arcMap. My first layer is a Lands...
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  • How to create arbitrary coordinate system in ArcGIS Pro?

    I need to georeference a jpeg map of an archaeological excavation with an arbitrary grid system where each square in the grid is 1 m x 1 m. The locations of artifacts within the grid are listed according to North...
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  • Reprojecting to match USGS LAEA_Sphere_19 eMODIS/AVHRR data?

    Completely stumped here. I have seen a handful of somewhat similar threads dealing with Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area...the problem here is working out the proper transformation. Here's a bit of a summary of what I do ...
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  • What's the best way to convert MGRS to UTM XY (value to value)

    I'm updating my script which reads a spreadsheet of values including coordinates but the spreadsheet is not formatted as a table par se. Instead of projected X and Y coordinates, I'd like to move to the user inpu...
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