• Projected Coordinate System vs. Geographic Coordinate System

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the world of GIS so I was somewhat confused when I saw the option of choosing from either a geographic coordinate system or projected coordinate system in arcMap. My first layer is a Lands...
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  • Esri Basemaps

    Hello dear fellow GeoNet members,   While using ArcGIS Pro for the development of my MSc dissertation, I noticed that there quite the lag between two available basemaps, World Imagery and World Light Gray Canvas...
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  • Help with transforming coordinate values

    Hello, I am building a data pipeline that ingests a table of latitude/longitude coordinates and plots them on a map. All data points are located in Santa Monica, CA.    Here are some sample coordinates...
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  • Georeference-Choosing right Coordinate System

    First of all this is my first post here and also the first post about GIS so sorry if i'll talk nonsense here.   I have an large jpeg and also tiff which are the same map(image) 45568x37632 which i have download...
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  • Datum Transformation Guideline/Map for South America

    Hello, I would like to know which datum transformation algorithms are most appropriate for particular regions in South America. I frequently need to transform data from SAD_1969 to PSAD_1956 to WGS_1984 and so on. A...
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  • Entire National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) to be Modernized in 2022

    In 2022, the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) is scheduled to be modernized, with new reference frames replacing North American Datum (NAD) 83(2011), NAD 83(PA11) and NAD 83(MA11), or the NAD 83 system.  ...
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  • Creating a .csf coordinate system file

    Is there a way for me to create a .csf coordinate system file from ArcMap directly, or from .prj coordinate system file ?
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  • Error agregando servicio AutoCAD for Arcgis

    Hola a todos, venia utilizando ArcGIS for Autocad en la versión 365 y con autocad 2017 de momento me salio un error "The request was aborded: Could not create SSL/TLS secure chanel" entonces instale la versi&oa...
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  • Coordinate System

    How do you use the “Project” tool to create a new layer in the same coordinate system as the other layers?   Thank you,   Nick Z
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  • Problem with ESRI Grid Format in 10.5.1

    My ministry is currently performing some platform testing before we officially migrate from ArcGIS 10.3.1 to 10.5.1. Our group has been asked to participate and I noticed an issue when working with ESRI Grids in ...
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  • OGC has approved the Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS)

    Announced via Press Release on the 24th October 2017. OGC announces a new standard that improves the way information is referenced to the earth | OGC    Release Date:  Tuesday, 24 October 2017 UTC Th...
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  • Esri Job Posting

    My team is looking for a new member. Here's the job posting    Feel free to contact me for more details or questions, but all resumes must go through the usual submission process (via the Careers website). ...
  • Determine Unknown Coordinate Systems: Based on Spatial Extent Values

    I'm currently developing a Python Module to reproject shapefiles and CAD drawings (DWG, DXF) that have known and unknown coordinate systems. The code below deals with the known coordinate systems of the shap...
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  • How do I UNDO or remove a transformation?

    I am working in a State Plane/NAD83 projection.   I am adding a WMTS service that is is WGS 1984 on someone else's set.   When the transformation window came up, I chose WGS 1984 to NAS 1983 V.   But no...
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  • Measuring lenghts and area, which coordinate system/datum is best?

    I would like to have a discussion regarding which coordinate system(s) are best, and/or are typically used, for measuring both the lengths and areas of mapped features at various scales, and addressing the specific li...
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  • Automated GeoRef App

    A while ago I created a tool that would automatically georeference an image. If you can put down at least one control point on your map and copy the link coordinates in the form of x, y (In the spatial coordinate syst...
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  • Locate Pixel at Specific Coordinate in US National Grid

    I am trying to locate a specific coordinate within the US National Grid displayed over an NDVI raster. 18TXL5220060030 and 18TXL5157160811 as an example.   I have specified the subdivision ticks to be 10 so I...
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  • UC2016: Vote now for your favorite button

    It turns out that there's a vote going on at the main UC2016 page: Choose your favorite button.   While there are several fun styles, I had to vote for "Datum? I don't even know 'em"
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  • Using a polygon to clip data

    Dan, i get your drift, but this is a vector file so how do i get the number of cells in the  x,y direction. Or maybe i should convert to raster? I called the source of the data and he was of very little help exce...
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