• Best projected coordinate system (meters) for Southeastern US

    Any suggestions for the best projected coordinate system (in meters) for the Southeastern US, particularly the state of Florida (entire state), coastal Georgia, and coastal Alabama and Mississippi?
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  • in WMS service NAD83 Geographic coordinates system is not showing

    We are using oracle spatial for database connections and publishing WMS services but after service published, when we are opening that WMS service in blank MXD its not showing data and GCS is also getting changed from...
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  • CGVD28 to CGVD2013 Transformation File Format

    I'd like to be able to convert between two Canadian vertical coordinate systems: CGVD28 and CGVD2013.  The staff at Natural Resources Canada have a conversion grid which is in ".byn" format (Canadian Geodetic Sur...
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  • Quick Notes on map projections

    A long time ago when there was still printed documentation, the Understanding Map Projections book had a foldout table in the back. The table listed all the map projections and had information about various properties...
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  • I heard the other day that there is going to be a big change in the coordinate systems that we are going to have to get used to in 2 years. Does anyone know about this?

    What change is coming to coordinate systems?
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  • In WMS service Geographic Coordinate System changed from NAD 1983 to WGS 1984.

    In our project MXD it's Geographic Coordinate System is "NAD1983" and Projected Coordinate system is "NAD_1983_BLM_Zone_11N", and I published Map and WMS service from this MXD, while publishing in capabilities I check...
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  • Successful projection produces unreadable file with "k" prefix

    I added a table from an Excel spreadsheet, exported it as a shapefile, and wanted to change the coordinate system from WGS84 to NAD83. I ran the Project tool and it successfully executed. The output file has a "k" pre...
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  • Where can I find this coordinate reference system (wgs84 30N CM 3W) in ArcGIS?

    I have a data with this coordinate reference system (wgs84 30N CM 3W). and I need to load the data in ArcGIS but I can't seem to find it exactly in ArcGIS. First, I will like to know if it's same thing as th...
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  • 3d Helmert 7 Parameter Transformation

    Hello,   I am using ArcMap 10.4.1. My question does not pertain directly to ArcMap, but to an excel 3d similarity transformation calculator I am attempting to develop.  I am using a decent text reference (...
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  • How do I match the projected coordinate system of one file to another?

    Hello,   I have tried quite a few means of projecting the shapefile "Tobacco" to "Chicago City Outline" but I need some help. Not certain as to how or why I've been unable to allow either shapefile's coordinate ...
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  • Why is my AGOL feature layer not projecting on the fly in ArcGIS Pro?

    I have editable feature layers that were published on ArcGIS Online that we edit with Collector.   I realize that when I publish my data to AGOL, it is transformed and re-projected to WGS84 Web Mercator, but whe...
  • How can one publish a web service as a base map in a local CRS?

    I am troubleshooting a query to publish a web map and feature service in a local coordinate reference system. The reasoning behind this request is that the web map and associated feature services will be used in a Web...
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  • How to fix wide-stretched projection near poles?

      This is a clip from https://astrogeology.usgs.gov/search/map/Moon/LRO/LOLA/Lunar_LRO_LrocKaguya_DEMmerge_60N60S_512ppd, specifically from 11ºW 43ºS location which is attached here. Is there...
  • What is the process behind changing local coordinates into global coordinates?

    I am working on a zoning project for a small town in Montana and the layers I made into shapefiles from DGN files I have are in an unknown local coordinate system.  I want to change them to a global coordinate sy...
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  • Information on the Coordinate Systems desktop install?

    Looking for more information about the optional install of coordinate systems. The What's new document for Desktop 10.5 document says this: ArcGIS Coordinate Systems Data—Contains the data files required f...
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  • Geographic Coordinates

    Hello,   I am using Arc Map 10.4.1.   I am at odds with the terminology of "Geographic" coordinate and inquire for a better understanding.  I have heard many interpretations of this term.  Such a...
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  • Why must the CRS for a Global Scene in ArcGIS Pro be WGS 1984 Web Mercator?

    When working with an ArcGIS Pro 2.3 Global Scene the horizontal coordinate system cannot be changed. I found out that the horizontal coordinate system (CRS) "must always be WGS 1984 Web Mercator [I think 3857]". ...
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  • Create a projection file

    I would like to create a .prj file in order to exchange data between CAD and GIS. For references, I have 9 ground control points in both the local grid and SPCS NAD83 equivalent and a table with the following values ...
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  • Moving from Static Spatial Reference Systems in 2022

    This is a publication by @JimBaumann in ARCUSER.   In 2008, the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) announced in its 10-year plan the replacement of the country’s two national datums: North American Datum ...
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  • UTM Coordinate Dataset

    I am running ArcGIS 10.6.1 on a Windows 10 machine. I am trying to locate where the coordinate system datasets are located. I am trying to visually see which coordinate system will work for a proposed project. Thanks...
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