• Dear ESRI Community,

    For the last 2-3 weeks I have been back and forth between Hexagon and ESRI's local distributor in Puerto Rico to solve a problem. To date, however I have precious time and don't see a solution in the horizon...
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  • ETRS 1989 UTM Zone 32N 8Stellen

    where can i download the prj-file? i relate to an article in arcAktuell from 2010, it's written there that you can download the file from the ESRI-page but i can't find it... thanx
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  • EPSG release and ArcGIS Projection Engine

    Hi All,   As stated in the subject I'm investigating to understand if there is an easy way to identify which version of EPSG dataset is bind to a specific version of ArcGIS' Projection Engine. The scenario inclu...
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  • Working with vertical coordinate systems

    I'm looking for a way to perform a height (z value) transformation from one vertical datum to another one. Both vertical datums exist in ArcGIS list. If I define a horizontal coordinate system, then I have a tool to p...
  • Help with transforming coordinate values

    Hello, I am building a data pipeline that ingests a table of latitude/longitude coordinates and plots them on a map. All data points are located in Santa Monica, CA.    Here are some sample coordinates...
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  • How Tectonic Motion is affecting your Map Accuracy

    "On our dynamic Earth, continents don’t sit still. They slowly move around the planet, stretching oceans and lifting mountain ranges. [...] Over time, things add...
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  • Conversion of Trimble GPS Data to NAD83(1986) in ArcGIS

    I realize there are other posts on this topic but I'm not understanding the logic of the consensus so I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me.   I'm using a Trimble Geo7X GPS unit and post-processing ...
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  • Introduction to Dynamic CRS's by IOGP

    Open video

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  • How to represent EASE Grid North in CF-netCDF

    I'm trying to represent netCDF data in NSIDC EASE Grid North using CF conventions such that ArcGIS shows the data in the place on a map.  I figured I'd generate such a file with ArcGIS to see how it defines the c...
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  • The local projection - and its matehamtics

    A client is about to specify a wish/need for a local reference-/coordinate system type of "BIM/CAD" like. I have played a little with the Local projection which seems to do the trick. But are there any resources to pr...
  • Best projected coordinate system (meters) for Southeastern US

    Any suggestions for the best projected coordinate system (in meters) for the Southeastern US, particularly the state of Florida (entire state), coastal Georgia, and coastal Alabama and Mississippi?
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  • in WMS service NAD83 Geographic coordinates system is not showing

    We are using oracle spatial for database connections and publishing WMS services but after service published, when we are opening that WMS service in blank MXD its not showing data and GCS is also getting changed from...
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  • CGVD28 to CGVD2013 Transformation File Format

    I'd like to be able to convert between two Canadian vertical coordinate systems: CGVD28 and CGVD2013.  The staff at Natural Resources Canada have a conversion grid which is in ".byn" format (Canadian Geodetic Sur...
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  • Quick Notes on map projections

    A long time ago when there was still printed documentation, the Understanding Map Projections book had a foldout table in the back. The table listed all the map projections and had information about various properties...
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  • I heard the other day that there is going to be a big change in the coordinate systems that we are going to have to get used to in 2 years. Does anyone know about this?

    What change is coming to coordinate systems?
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  • In WMS service Geographic Coordinate System changed from NAD 1983 to WGS 1984.

    In our project MXD it's Geographic Coordinate System is "NAD1983" and Projected Coordinate system is "NAD_1983_BLM_Zone_11N", and I published Map and WMS service from this MXD, while publishing in capabilities I check...
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  • Successful projection produces unreadable file with "k" prefix

    I added a table from an Excel spreadsheet, exported it as a shapefile, and wanted to change the coordinate system from WGS84 to NAD83. I ran the Project tool and it successfully executed. The output file has a "k" pre...
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  • Where can I find this coordinate reference system (wgs84 30N CM 3W) in ArcGIS?

    I have a data with this coordinate reference system (wgs84 30N CM 3W). and I need to load the data in ArcGIS but I can't seem to find it exactly in ArcGIS. First, I will like to know if it's same thing as th...
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  • 3d Helmert 7 Parameter Transformation

    Hello,   I am using ArcMap 10.4.1. My question does not pertain directly to ArcMap, but to an excel 3d similarity transformation calculator I am attempting to develop.  I am using a decent text reference (...
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  • How do I match the projected coordinate system of one file to another?

    Hello,   I have tried quite a few means of projecting the shapefile "Tobacco" to "Chicago City Outline" but I need some help. Not certain as to how or why I've been unable to allow either shapefile's coordinate ...
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