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An easier place to search for coordinate systems...

If you need a quick and easy to use resource for coordinate systems search try: This is an open source web-service providing a database based on the official EPSG database that is maintained by OGP Geomatics Committee.


You can quickly search for an area, name and type like any other web-search engines.


For Example searching "United Kingdom" and click on the British National Grid result produces the following page:


See below for a British National Grid example:

OSGB 1936 / British National Grid - United Kingdom Ordnance Survey - EPSG:27700


Some of the Key Features:

  • Easy full text search for the complete database of coordinate systems from EPSG
  • Short URLs that reference the EPSG code e.g.
  • Area of use for any CRS referenced on an embedded map
  • Export definitions in various formats


Check it's free