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Coordinate Reference Systems

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Some background; I am working on a university project which includes data from GPS collars on Red Deer in the Netherlands. There are around 21,000 data points for 4 GPS collars (so 84,000 total data points). But I am have issues displaying them on the map. The points should be displayed in the Netherlands (close to Eindhoven) but instead they are… (Show more)
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Recommended Projection for Queensland   Melita Kennedy Damien Pyne   Hi Melita.     Any thoughts about a good projection that covers Queensland, minimizes reprojection errors, uses meters as the units and preserves length?   Need to standardize data from  GDA 1994 MGA – Zone 56 (meters), GDA 1994 MGA - Zone 55 and 56 and lots of Geographic… (Show more)
Hello,   I am using ArcMap 10.4.1. My question does not pertain directly to ArcMap, but to an excel 3d similarity transformation calculator I am attempting to develop.  I am using a decent text reference (Datums and Map Projections, by JC Iliffe) that gives me 4 of the matrix (vector) relationships but, beyond setting the provisional values to… (Show more)
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I have a raster in NAD83 CA State Plane Zone II (US feet) that I need to project to NAD83 CA Teale Albers (US feet).  When I run the project raster tool, the false northing on the output raster changes from -4,000,000 (what it should be per the .prj file) to -13,123,333.3333.  The difference between the two numbers is a factor of 3.28 so my guess… (Show more)
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Hello,   I have tried quite a few means of projecting the shapefile "Tobacco" to "Chicago City Outline" but I need some help. Not certain as to how or why I've been unable to allow either shapefile's coordinate systems to align.   Also, I have been away from GIS for a bit, anyone know how I add an OID to a table or display the XY data for one?… (Show more)
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I have editable feature layers that were published on ArcGIS Online that we edit with Collector.   I realize that when I publish my data to AGOL, it is transformed and re-projected to WGS84 Web Mercator, but when I add the data back into Pro, it doesn't project on the fly back into my data frame's coordinate system (NAD83 - State Plane).    It's… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
I am troubleshooting a query to publish a web map and feature service in a local coordinate reference system. The reasoning behind this request is that the web map and associated feature services will be used in a WebApp Builder app. The app will be used to add and edit points amongst other things. Within this request, there is a requirement to… (Show more)
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Hello, I can't figure out the coordinate system used for this X,Y data (example below). It is supposed to match up with the Souss-Massa region in Morocco, with coordinates approximately (WGS84): Lat/Long: 30° 17′ 51.5826″ N, 009° 15′ 01.6594″ W;  (30.29766184° N, 009.25046095° W) UTM: 29 N 475916   3351796 MGRS: 29R MP 75916   51796   X Y… (Show more)
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