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Coordinate Reference Systems

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Click to view content"On our dynamic Earth, continents don’t sit still. They slowly move around the planet, stretching oceans and lifting mountain ranges. [...] Over time, things add up. And it’s beginning to impact the accuracy of geospatial data. " Read more about how tectonic motion is affecting your map accuracy and impacting real world engineering problems.
I realize there are other posts on this topic but I'm not understanding the logic of the consensus so I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me.   I'm using a Trimble Geo7X GPS unit and post-processing the data using the base station positions from Trimble's base station list.  Therefore, I am confident that my data is in a newer realization of… (Show more)
We know the Earth is ellipsoidal-ish and really rather bumpy which is why we work with and have to understand many projections, datums and all their varying components.  On top of this it is important to know that the Earth's surface is not static and in fact it is continuously changing shape (e.g. tectonic movement, rotation etc). This is one of…
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I recently started with a Land Surveying firm and they asked to dive into my GIS and Imagery background to see if I can orhtomosiac their drone imagery for use in CAD. It has been about 5 years since I lasted worked in GIS and imagery so I am trying to get my mind back into it while also learning the surveying side.   Grid 2 Ground is a concept I… (Show more)
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I'm trying to represent netCDF data in NSIDC EASE Grid North using CF conventions such that ArcGIS shows the data in the place on a map.  I figured I'd generate such a file with ArcGIS to see how it defines the coordinate system in netCDF.   To test, I took point data in NSIDC EASE Grid North, which I believe is EPSG:3408.  I interpolated to… (Show more)
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A client is about to specify a wish/need for a local reference-/coordinate system type of "BIM/CAD" like. I have played a little with the Local projection which seems to do the trick. But are there any resources to provide the mathemathics for this projection?    best pH 
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Any suggestions for the best projected coordinate system (in meters) for the Southeastern US, particularly the state of Florida (entire state), coastal Georgia, and coastal Alabama and Mississippi?
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hello,   I am building an ios app using Xamarin and am currently getting an error while trying to do the following `SpatialReference.Create(4269)` The error that states "Unable to load shared library `kernel32.dll`". How can I develop an application in Xamarin that utilizes NAD83 coordinates with esri?   Thanks in advance.
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I have a raster in NAD83 CA State Plane Zone II (US feet) that I need to project to NAD83 CA Teale Albers (US feet).  When I run the project raster tool, the false northing on the output raster changes from -4,000,000 (what it should be per the .prj file) to -13,123,333.3333.  The difference between the two numbers is a factor of 3.28 so my guess… (Show more)
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We are using oracle spatial for database connections and publishing WMS services but after service published, when we are opening that WMS service in blank MXD its not showing data and GCS is also getting changed from NAD83 to WGS84. But for same data when we are exporting it to shapefile and then publishing it as WMS service it showing data in… (Show more)
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