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In my line of work (agronomy, forestry) all the maps that I prepare show not only the location of a tree, but its status.  What do i mean by "status"?  In Israel every tree is protected by law. So, for someone to tear a tree down means that he needs to get the appropiate approval (from the forest council, local or national) In order to get that…
ArcGIS Earth provides a free, lightweight, easy-to-use interface for an immersive 3D experience that complements the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro and Scene Viewer to provide focus for the industry specialist. Edit KML’s and interact with a host of other data types including web services. ArcGIS Earth is an intelligent way to visualize, edit, and… (Show more)
I have selected the "Cache" option under some of my survey 1-2-3 questions, saved it, and republished the survey. I deleted the old questions, tried to create new ones to replace it with the cache option checked and the problem continued. At least the browser option works fine and it cache's the responses. When I use the app it does not cache the… (Show more)
Our organization is just over a year old and we are collecting information and insights from those with expertise in order to implement a global project relating to homeless animals.  We currently have global data on excel spreadsheets and need to get it organized and usable for analysis and mapping.  Furthermore, we will need to have a central… (Show more)
   The Esri Story Maps apps are open source. This means you can download the code for any Story Map app from GitHub, host it on your own server, and even customize it. While the needs of most story map authors will be served using the versions of these apps that are hosted on ArcGIS Online (or Portal for ArcGIS), there are a few reasons to…