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   I would like to make a copy of an existing cascade story map but can't see a 'save as' or 'copy' function, does anyone know how?
Updated: November 18, 2018   Jump to: Major Initiatives | Collaborative Projects | Staying Connected | Deepsea Dawn UC Science Symposium Hot! | R - ArcGIS Integration Hot! | ArcGIS Python API Hot! | Geo AI & Machine Learning Hot! | DID YOU KNOW?   Science at Esri continues to evolve on many exciting fronts, as we focus on supporting both basic… (Show more)
I've posted a new blog about how you can Take the same layer offline twice in Collector using feature layer views. You might have a single layer of data that you need to add to a map multiple times (perhaps so that visibility can be toggled separately). In the blog, I show a way to take the same data offline multiple times in a single map, and… (Show more)