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Are there any chef scripts, amis or recommendations for running ArcGIS License Manager in AWS? We have a requirement to move everything to AWS but also need to support ArcGIS Desktop licensing from License Manager. ArcGIS Pro can be licensed from Portal, but no such luck for ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, etc).    It's such a tiny footprint… (Show more)
in Cloud Computing
Hi,   I see that Esri has machine images for cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.   What about Google Cloud? I see that Windows and Red Hat Linux servers can be provisioned on the Google Cloud.   Has anyone implemented ArcGIS Enterprise on this cloud platform? Doing a search here on GeoNet and on Google  reveals… (Show more)
in Cloud Computing
I download .bil files from PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State U . I need to store information, that contains in .bil files, in Azure SQL database. Because I don't know how store .bil files in SQL database I do the following: 1. Use toolbox conversion tool -> raster to float. I get file .flt. 2. Use DIVA GIS to convert .flt to .grd and next .grd to… (Show more)
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