• So how do you do this?

    I have seen the Google Maps Platform gaming solution product (Google Maps Platform gaming solution  |  Google Developers ) and I am wondering if you can achieve the same results with CityEngine fro...
    created by LurchUSA
  • How does global offset in City Engine Work ?

    I'm exporting a model from city engine into unity. In the attached picture, as we can see there's the Global Offset. Does anyone know how does this offset work?? In relation with the Cartesian Coordinates. u...
  • Controlling geometry naming and hierarchy of FBX Export from CityEngine

    I'm trying to export an FBX from CityEngine and assign IDs from the shape attributes to the shapes in such a way that each 3D object within the model has the correct IDs as its name when imported i...
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  • Hello. Can someone help me fix that issue please. It shows the following prompt when i try to run the ArcGIS_Desktop_1061_163864.exe

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  • Oculus Go useable with CityEngine?

    With this week's announcement by Facebook of the release of Oculus Go early 2018, I wonder if it will be able to display the VR datasets created by CityEngine.  Mark Z says that Oculus Go is 100% compatible with ...
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  • how to tile ???

    I am a beginner on cityengine, I am working on a 3D model project of my city, now arriving at a stage where I have to import 3D objects to dissect the street network, the software is crashing and I can neither advance...
    created by fatimaezzahra.j
  • CityEngine

    Good evening,   My project CityEngine, takes a lot of time to generate, and most of the time it goes down the program. Does anyone know any techniques that can help me, so that I can get my files running on the ...
    created by oliveira.pedro
  • Rearrange list in CityEngine

    Hello    I'm working on a simple task where I need to split a start shape in CityEngine. The goal is to create an Oshape where the shape is divided into four separate areas like the picture below. Furt...
    created by Mortensen91
  • Can I use ArcGIS City Engine for Designing Interior of Houses.

    Dear Friends,   I would like to integrate my Land Parcels/ Plots data (I have as .gdb and ArcSDE Oracle), with Layout Plans (Created in .DWG- AutoCAD.). I would like to create an Web based GIS / Mobile applicat...
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  • Import GIF as a texture?

    I'm asking on behalf of my studio,   Some students would like to model waterfalls and other various moving objects into our final WebScenes. As an option, some people brought up the idea of using GIFs ...
  • City engine error

    After installation and verification of licenses, I ran cityengine but I get an error Does anyone know how to solve it
  • CityEngine to FBX Co-ordinate translation

    Hi,   I am a student working on a game as a college project. I have created a Cityengine model from UK mapping data using the 27700 co-ordinate system. This has then been imported into the Unity game engine usin...