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I am trying to join the crash data along segments and within 150 ft radius of intersections with the nearest segments. I am using Spatial Join, with roads layer, selecting "closest to it" option and "sum" as an answer to the question "How do you want the attributes to be summarized?", because I want the total count of crashes (both midblock and… (Show more)
I need to be able to work with the data that exists in a file geodatabase (gdb) in Micosoft Access. Another department has an Access database they are using for a project and they need to include my data. I don't want to have to continually export out snapshots to give them and would like to be able to set it up so they can directly access my… (Show more)
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i'm trying to extract a dem from a LiDAR multipoint. My method is to create a new field (bare earth elevation), and get values from calculate geometry of Minimum Z Value. I'm just wondering if I should explode the multipoint first, calculate my elevations before doing my interpolation????   i just dont know if the interpolation tools (e.g. IDW)… (Show more)
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I’m using a one year lisencing for student but I keep getting warning message saying “your video lisence expire soon”. I’ve only been used mine for two months now so what is going to happen if I don’t do anything about this?
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