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Check out this ArcGIS blog by Matthew Payne Configurable apps offer a swift and effective way to share web map content with the right audience.  Each configurable app is built to provide a focused experience for users while answering common spatial questions like… (Show more)
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Is there are way to customize the Web address for the Attachment Viewer, so the attachments for a specific record can be highlighted when the app is opened? Something like this:   https://.../apps/instant/attachmentviewer/index.html?appid=eeaf3894b8f94955bd290625f7971a1f?field:ObjectID=19   where ObjectID=19 is the record I want to highlight.  … (Show more)
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Cuando puse el token, lo agregue a otro usuario que no tiene los mismo beneficios que el usuario que compre.
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Hey there, I'm developing a web app with the Web App Builder to pull in a web map of Sentinel-2 Views image service from the Living Atlas. In the web map, I can see all the way back to 14 months as the Living Atlas' Sentinel-2 item details describe for all my locations. But in the web app, I can only see images back to a few months in certain… (Show more)
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Hello all, I have a web application that is contained by a web experience, I have HTML and JS doing custom functionality using the code widget in one part and the web app in another. Im trying to share this with a client (invite client to shared group) but they are receiving this error.. They are able to view the same web app and all of the… (Show more)
I am using the Nearby configurable app to map point data published from a Google sheet. I want the user to be able to search the points within the app by multiple fields. However, when I go to set up what layers to search by, the point layer published from Google is not an option (See images. The layer I want is "pub").    Is the Nearby app… (Show more)
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I'm working on our portal home page and want to add more apps to the app launcher.  Currently our organisation have one web app that everyone has access to and is visible on the app launcher in the home page. From what I've seen and read you can only share one group on the home page.   Is there any way I can easily add more apps that is shared… (Show more)
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In AGO, if I go to create a Nearby or Zone lookup configurable app they are now marked mature. I have not seen any announcements about them being retired. Nearby was introduced less than a year ago (Introducing Nearby, a new Configurable App). Are they really being mature'd out of use? If so, what is the recommended replacement?
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Service works internally but not When published outside. I had an incident with ESRI Tech support but they bailed on me when the custom service worked internally. THey mentioned that it wasn't their problem.... I am using ArcServer 10.7.7 I don't have portal installed. Reverse Proxy server is virtual and uses Plesk with Apache & nginiz. Plesk… (Show more)
When using the search tool the first map selects the location and highlights it, the second map location is black and you have to cancel your selection to get it to turn off. Is there a fix or a trick I'm missing?
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