• How to label a two lane road with only one label.

    Does any one know an expression or how i can label only one side of the road lane. Right now both road names shows because they are different lines. I am using maplex and need to show all the roads city wide. I have t...
  • Inserting a map into a layout. Scale/zoom is wrong.

    Greetings. I am new to the community, and am a student at the University of West Florida. My major is a Master of Geographical Information Science Administration. I have a question. When I go to create a lay...
    created by jp178_pns
  • Missing option to apply symbology by Categories

    I have a layer file with several thousand records and a lot of columns. I'm trying to map this by breaking out values from one of the columns into categories. But I don't see an option for Categories in the symbology ...
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  • ArcMap Dashed Line export Problem

    Hi, I am using Rail Line symbol and Bicycles paths as Dashed lines. in ArcMap both symbols appear fine but when I export they become solid, however Legend is Correct. I am using Cartographic Lines.   I read a w...
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  • Dynamic text with WKID

    Hi,   I am wondering if it is possible to display the WKID in a dynamic text in a layout. Starting with this code in ArcMap: <dyn type="dataFrame" name="Layers" property="sr" srProperty="name"/><dyn typ...
    created by klassizistisch
  • How to join massive .csv/.xls with .shp. Theoretically it should be working but ArcMap says (Not Responding)

    I am trying to get an .xls (also tried the same file in .xlsx and .csv) to join a parcel feature. This is county level and the data is all supplied by the auditor's office but it is in .shp and .csv format. The join s...
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  • Can Desktop track hours worked on a project?

    Not familiar with Basic License workflows. Can I track my hours internally with Arc products?
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  • toolbox

    hello i have an already created toolbox which is stored in a file.i want to know if it's possible to use that toolbox again for a different data and if yes how please.
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  • Is there a way to create a curve line from the 'XY to Line' tool?

    Hello,   It's great that the 'XY to Line' tool would connect two points with a straight line. To make it to look nicer, is there a way to create a curve line instead please?   Thank you, Emily
    created by emlee_wrcrca
  • Dynamic map series ArcGIS Pro

    I want to use dynamic map series in ArcGIS Pro. I have a geodatabase that includes a point feature class with attachments enabled and added. However, I am not able to get the photo attachments to appear in the layout ...
  • Linking Two DataFrames in Data Driven Pages?

    I'm using 10.6.1.  I have my main map data frame index that is driven by a feature class based on the Site Name.  I assumed that if I copied this layer and put it in the inset map data frame and made this wa...
    created by JesseD14
  • Points density

    hello i have a map of all our clients adresses.and i'am trying to create a heat map to show clients density and it depends on "retail" field,want it to change when i chose a different retail.i tried creating a raster ...
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  • Use ESRI World Streetmap as Basemap in State Plane Coordinates?

    I have numerous datasets using State Plane coordinates (North Oregon actually). I want to use the ESRI World Street Map,a tiling, as a basemap. It was created using World Mercator Auxiliary Sphere as cs. Am I cor...
    created by joincto
  • Graduated symbology map

    hello i have a map of all our clients adresses.and i'am trying to create a heat map to show clients density and it depends on "retail" field,want it to change when i chose a different retail.i tried creating a raster...
    created by smg_agol1
  • Mapping by Feature Extent

    New to ESRI so my apologies if this is a simple question, but Google hasn't gifted me the answer.  I'm looking to create a map series of a collection of linear features (road routes).  These routes...
  • Export map differs from layout

    I can't get my exported map to show my raster layers as they appear in the layout.  Specifically, my layout includes four data frames, each with its own raster showing areas stippled with colored pixels, but the ...
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  • adding new rows to table

    hello i'am new at arcgis and i'am stuck on adding data to my table.i have a table with retails in rows and theirs localisation in fields.i want to know how to add new retails to the table.i'am using arcmap 10.3
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  • Display a callout with two arrows ?

      Is there a way around to make this callout flip over to the other side.  I want to add one more to show both arrows.   Look at the pink highlight I want to add this with the other arrow in one place...
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  • Problem with gradient stroke when printing/exporting

    I'm experimenting with gradient strokes for area boundaries following John Nelson's guide (Boundary Dropshadow Mega-Hack ) and while everything looks great in ArcGIS Pro, the output (this is for a print publicati...
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  • Drifting Scale Bar in Data-driven Pages

    Hello All - I've got a dynamic scale bar in a map book of data-driven pages.  The scale bar is positioned right-justified over the data frame with its bottom-right Anchor Point selected in Properties > Size a...
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