• Is there a workflow for looping through .pagx files in order to standardize the map templates by accessing certain elements?

    I think this is a separate issue from the ones I've found open regarding layouts - but apologies if this query already exists.   I am looking to batch edit via Python a set of pagx files - but I'm not finding a...
  • ANSI E (34x44) layout not preserved from Desktop 10.7 to 10.8?

    Hello,   I recently updated my Arc Desktop from 10.7 to 10.8. After updating, all of my ANSI E (34x44) layout .mxd documents that were saved in 10.7, will no longer open in 10.8 with the correct layout, siz...
    created by PKlemin
  • Problem with exporting Pashto font in ArcGIS 10.3

    Hi,  I am trying to export a map in Pashto language. When I export the map as Image it shows the font correctly but it's not working in case of PDF. I have also tried the option of embedding font while...
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  • Hi! My name is Shaun Linsey

    I am senior obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Cartography with a Geotechniques Concentration from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.  I will be graduating in May 2021.   I am super excited to be at...
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  • Color Ramp Codes

    Is there a document somewhere that lists each of the ArcGIS Pro color ramps by name and their respective hexadecimal values?   For example, the 'Basic Random' ramp: 58A9CC DEEB68 CE5CF3 .... E9DA9A
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  • chart symbology not available

    Hi, I am trying to symbolize my layer using the super cool charts option i have seen used in multiple featured articles in  ESRI ArcMap's magazine.... I found this link on how to do this (Chart symbology—...
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  • How to create a built-Up area from multiple polygons?

    Hi Everyone,    I have been struggling over the last few days to emulate an old American map for a city. I actually faced two main problems:    First One: I have a shapefile for the buildings of ...
    created by Rami_Kh
  • ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Workspace or data source is read only. Failed to execute (PackageMap).

    I am trying to package a map and I keep getting this error.   ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Workspace or data source is read only. Failed to execute (PackageMap).
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  • Is there a way to label features from one map frame differently from features in other map frames?

    I'm creating a map layout that shows points on a map, but there are certain regions of the map that have clusters of features making it impractical to label all features at small scale. I want to include addition...
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  • Tips on how to differentiate overlapping polygons

    This not a technical 'how to' question but rather an artistic/cartographic one. I often have to make maps with several different (polygon) layers overlapping each other, and it can be very difficult to make each disce...
    created by sdillon_seltnh
  • Symbology in ArcPro

    I have a point shapefile and I want to vary the symbol size using a numeric attribute and vary the color using a text attribute.  It seems like you can do one or the other but not both.   Thanks.
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  • Layout proportions?

    We would like the maps of our small regional planning organization to have a fairly standard look - not cookie-cutter, but professional with some uniformity. I am seeking guidelines, resources, standards by industry. ...
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  • How to label a two lane road with only one label.

    Does any one know an expression or how i can label only one side of the road lane. Right now both road names shows because they are different lines. I am using maplex and need to show all the roads city wide. I have t...
  • Inserting a map into a layout. Scale/zoom is wrong.

    Greetings. I am new to the community, and am a student at the University of West Florida. My major is a Master of Geographical Information Science Administration. I have a question. When I go to create a lay...
    created by jp178_pns
  • Where can I download .style files for ArcMap?

    Hello GeoNet community,   I am relatively new to ArcGIS, and had a question regarding styles for ArcMap. I am currently working on mapping out a nature preserve. This map will be intended for hikers and the...
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  • Missing option to apply symbology by Categories

    I have a layer file with several thousand records and a lot of columns. I'm trying to map this by breaking out values from one of the columns into categories. But I don't see an option for Categories in the symbology ...
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  • ArcMap Dashed Line export Problem

    Hi, I am using Rail Line symbol and Bicycles paths as Dashed lines. in ArcMap both symbols appear fine but when I export they become solid, however Legend is Correct. I am using Cartographic Lines.   I read a w...
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  • Dynamic text with WKID

    Hi,   I am wondering if it is possible to display the WKID in a dynamic text in a layout. Starting with this code in ArcMap: <dyn type="dataFrame" name="Layers" property="sr" srProperty="name"/><dyn typ...
    created by klassizistisch
  • How to join massive .csv/.xls with .shp. Theoretically it should be working but ArcMap says (Not Responding)

    I am trying to get an .xls (also tried the same file in .xlsx and .csv) to join a parcel feature. This is county level and the data is all supplied by the auditor's office but it is in .shp and .csv format. The join s...
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  • Can Desktop track hours worked on a project?

    Not familiar with Basic License workflows. Can I track my hours internally with Arc products?
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