• Hi! My name is Shaun Linsey

    I am senior obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Cartography with a Geotechniques Concentration from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.  I will be graduating in May 2021.   I am super excited to be at...
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  • Graduated symbology map

    hello i have a map of all our clients adresses.and i'am trying to create a heat map to show clients density and it depends on "retail" field,want it to change when i chose a different retail.i tried creating a raster...
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  • Cartography and GIS Knowledge

    Hello Everyone,   I am Pramod Nath, one of the MOOC Cartography Students. I am really enjoying this course. I want to increase my GIS and Cartography knowledge. I know how to use downloaded GIS data or how to do...
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  • how  do merge unique value automate in arcgis?

    hi i have an interesting problem. I have polygon shp file with 2 column named Lcode and Kcode. I want to merge similar value, open attribute table then chose "use select by attribute" (Lcode=23001 and kcode=9650) But ...
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  • Arcgis cache folder doesnt exist

    Hi,   Im using Esri ArcGis for wmts technology. My problem is that my maps are cached but i cant find the folder with caches. Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData); says that the pa...
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  • Applying style and poor quality

    I am trying to create a rail style, however when the style is applied it looks nothing like the style I have created. The style I want is just a line with dashes along it. when applied the dashes are unevenly spaced ...
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  • How to project Decimal Degrees coordinates using distance and bearing?

    Hi,   I am working on an ecological research project looking at mammal behaviour in South Africa. I collected the data over 6 months and have over 4000 spatial locations to work with. My method was to take a GPS...
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  • Export maps with arcMap for use in GenGIS

    Dear everyone,I am PhD student from the Netherlands working on tuberculosis and I have recently started to analyze phylogeographical data that I would love to illustrate on a map using GenGIS. I have tried so many way...
    created by MattGroe
  • Label parameters using 10.3.1 maplex do not work in 10.4

    I have a series of map that I created in ArcMap 10.3.1 that have many labels and annotations. To filter labels, I set parameters using Maplex label engine. I upgraded to ArcMap 10.4, and now when I open the mxd t...
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  • Esri Ocean Forum registration is open!

    Please be aware of the upcoming Esri Ocean GIS Forum, November 4-6 at the Esri conference center in Redlands. We are planning a fantastic three days focused on new Esri Scientific offerings and workflows, as well as c...