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Click to view contentSo, I get my label expression to color right with text formatting callouts (<CLR></CLR>), BUT There's a stupid double quote that winds up on the end of my label, below:   I've tried deleting each quote in my VBscript, no dice. My VB Script: [SI_boring_previous.LOCATION_NAME] & vbnewline &"<CLR red = '255' green = '51' blue =… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Posted in ArcGIS Pro forum last week but no replies yet. Let's try the Cartography forum. ((wish there was a better way to catch multiple communities))   Surface Pro Studio and ArcGIS (Map & Pro)?   
in Cartography and Maps
Hi, could you please explain why my configured pop-up shows the new configuration correctly in a web map but not in a web app (such as a story map). If I save the web map after adding my HTML code I can still see the desired configuration, whereas if I close and re-open the web map the same problem arises--that is, the pop-up shows the actual HTML… (Show more)
Hello community, I'm trying to import a 3D file of * .dae format that is within the formats supported by the arcgis pro 2.2 which is the version I use, but when running the tool import 3D files it throws me the error that it is not a valid file (ERROR 050038: No Valid Files) because that may be happening if the format is set within the admitted,… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello All - I've got a dynamic scale bar in a map book of data-driven pages.  The scale bar is positioned right-justified over the data frame with its bottom-right Anchor Point selected in Properties > Size and Position tab > Position field.  After I step through a few data-driven pages the scale bar will begin to drift to the right, further with… (Show more)
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In ArcGIS 10.5.1 my coworker and I both have to double-click two times to open any of our mxds.  The first double-click spins for a bit, then stops, presenting nothing.  The second double-click opens the map normally.  This wasn't always the case, but now it's consistent.  Has anyone else run in to this?
in Cartography and Maps
During ArcGIS Pro 2.0 Beta I asked whether Clipping the Data Frame functionality from ArcMap would be coming to ArcGIS Pro so that I would be able to graphically clip layers to irregular polygons that were map sheet boundaries defined as rectangles in decimal degrees, that become non-rectangular when projected on-the-fly to MGA/UTM Zones.  … (Show more)
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Hi,   I'm trying to print a basemap with ESRI World Topographic Map. The size will be 42"x59" so lots of details will be shown. When you zoom in in ArcGIS (Pro) you'll see the contours that are part of the topographic data. However, when I export the map to a pdf (500 dpi) or an image (500 dpi) the contours aren't shown. How could I fix this?  … (Show more)
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When I insert a map in layout, there always is a logo "Source: Esri,USGI,NGA,NASA,CGIAR.....", it is ok in the main map, but is annoying if I insert as globe view,  question: how to remove it?
in Cartography and Maps
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