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hello We want to display protected areas (different polygons Feature Classes), as a heatmap. Since the protected area perimeters are of different sizes, it is not advisable to convert the polygons into points (1 point = 1 polygon). In addition, the polygons overlap.   How could the protected areas nevertheless be represented as a heat map (or… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi community,   ArcMap is having problems registering that a field has both ones and zeros. The first picture below shows clearly that the field called SP01 has 0's and 1's. However, when I go to Symbology to map the 1's in a particular colour and the 0's in another colour, only zero shows in the range (see second picture).   Why is this? I have… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Title is the question. Yes I checked AcMap options, Data View tab for the correct settings. Won't work. If I load a new a new ArcMap it works but then I have lost my template which took many hours to build. Incredible waster of time.#
in Cartography and Maps
Hello,   Does anyone know if there is a way to automatically write the display angle for point symbols in ArcMap into a feature class? I have a point layer that someone has created 700+ individual arrow point symbols, each with a different a different angle. I am running ArcMap 10.5.    Thanks,   Nick 
in Cartography and Maps
Click to view contentI am wondering how to display project areas brighter than rest of aerial.  I just saw this attached example and want to give it a try in my map.  I think it looks sharp.  Thanks, Wayne
in Cartography and Maps
Click to view content  I am working in 10.5 and my legends are set as Map Extent Options : Only show classes visible in current extent.  This maps are templates used by a number of staff and are used often with varying data showing.  The legend on a few of these templates has now started showing [...]  in red instead of displaying the symbology for the features.  I… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Hi,   I have the following data : - a raster catalog - a feature class composed of several polygons.   I want to get the polygons (the ENTIRE polygon) which contain the raster catalog or part of it.   I checked some tools in ArcMap, and I observed that the "Select by location" tool works perfectly (not the tool Select Layer by location). The… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
I referred to the following article and wanted to know if there are any other methods to creating a midpoint arrow.
in Cartography and Maps
I'm very new to ArcGIS (and GIS in general), and I'd like to create a map of the Caribbean region colour coded for certain indicators. I need each island to be a different colour depending on that indicator. Would anyone be able to direct me towards resources that might help me with this?
After running the snap geoprocessing tool, I want to get a count of how many features were modified, and I want an option to see those features selected in the attribute table. I need to know which specific records were modified so I can then run a field calculator on one of the fields for each feature that was modified. I basically need to flag… (Show more)
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