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Campus Blue Lights App Beta

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Michigan State POC: Jeffrey Kodysh (

1) This looks very interesting! I’ve forwarded to our public safety folks to see what their thoughts are.

2) One note, does not seem to run in IE.

3) Additionally, it would be nice to upload our existing emergency phones rather than placing by hand.

4) I’ll show this to some more folks and get back to you but at first glance this is a great resource!

5) We’ve already been thinking about other use cases for the same general algorithm. For instance, we maintain a collection of 360 degree panoramic photos. I think the same algorithm could be used to better plan where to place additional locations to ensure we have good converage.

6) Additionally, I was on a phone call with some colleagues at Disney today. They talked about patterns they’ve observed in customers who will take about 30 steps to consume small food items and then they start looking for a trash can. Could the same algorithm be used to look at coverage of liter receptacles?

7) Anyway, I think they are other use cases beyond blue light phones but most would also benefit from the ability to upload existing points first and then place additional points.
Duke POC: Greg Anspach (

1) Wow. This is really cool!

2) Is there a way to drop in a point layer of already existing blue lights? We have all of those located and it would be interesting to see where the gaps are in our inventory.
From Mike Ridland...

Here are some ideas for Blue Light App enhancements. Hopefully these make sense.



  1. Add ability to change basemap
  2. Add ability to import existing blue lights
  3. Add ability to export blue light envelopes as 2d polys or 3d shapes (3-d bubbles) so can render in 3D Scene.
  4. Add ability to auto-add ‘optimal’ light placement using Location-Allocation model and % coverage parameter.
  5. Add ability to expose back-end visibility code as script or modelbuilder model to people can tweak it. E.g., change raster visibility grid (D4 vs D8 calculations), or modify grid size/resolution
  6. Add ability for this to be template that people can add as app to their AGOL account and tweak like webappbuilder
  7. Add ability to save blue rendering as graphics for making similar map in ArcMap, Pro, AGOL
It would be great to see the existing blue lights viewshed along with the manually added ones. It would be a great tool for planning future locations.
in Campus Blue Lights App Beta
We think this tool would be very beneficial for our campus, especially the Public Safety department, but functionality would be better for our needs if we could load in our current blue light data and manipulate it from there (add, delete, move, etc.).  Edit tracking or highlighting changes/additions would also be particularly useful.    Thanks!… (Show more)
in Campus Blue Lights App Beta
This is really neat and could be a very useful application in planning multiple campus amenities, not just blue lights. I would have preferred more base map options and to turn off the map extent viewer (top right). While I could get my own map uploaded, I had an issue with it recognizing my obstruction layer. Overall, very neat and I hope to see it in the solutions. 
NEW! You can now use a point Feature Layer in your Web Map as the initial source of analysis. This application does NOT modify existing data in the Feature Layer; instead it's used as the source for the initial analysis and modifications can be saved as a new hosted Feature Layer. If point Feature Layers are available in your Web Map, you will be… (Show more)
in Campus Blue Lights App Beta
1. Ability to export added blue lights as a shapefile in various coordinate systems 2.  Ability to export viewshed as a shapefile/ feature class 3.  Option to change basemap (Would be great to see it with the Night Vector Basemap) 4. UTM and SPCS coordinates along with Lat/ Long 5. Does the app take into account changes in elevation? Meaning,… (Show more)
in Campus Blue Lights App Beta
How do I use my web map in the 'Campus Blue Lights' application?
in Campus Blue Lights App Beta
Map is defaulting to small scale world imagery when zooming.
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