• Convert ArcGIS data to CAD using FME

    I am trying to convert Public Land Survey System (PLSS) township or section data (shapefile or file geodatabase feature class) into a DWG or DXF file for our cadastral lead using FME Workbench on Citrix.  I gener...
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  • BIM file to Geodatabase

    Hi, All   I have a problem of using BIM file to Geodatabase. The problem is that after updating pro 2.6, BIM file to geodatabase is too slow to use the tool. i check the my system requirement and BIM file, but t...
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  • PLS CAD and ESRI Integration

    I want to automate the process of exporting PLS CAD designs files into ESRI usable format. Does anyone have any experience in this area? I can export individual reports to get what I need in excel and then put them t...
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  • Export Annotation to CAD - Label Placement

    Every so often I get asked by our CAD guy to export parcel owner labels in certain areas of the city in which we will be doing work, as he will be drawing up plans for that project.  I use a VBScript label expres...
  • Showing multiple BIM models in a Web Scene

    Is there a way to show multiple full BIM models in a webscene at the same time?  If I upload two SLPK models in the same scene it seems that the only the overview of the model will show if one of them are chosen...
  • Possible to link to specific item in BIM scene?

    If I have a BIM model published in a scene at a URL like "http://mydomain.com/home/webscene/viewer.html?webscene=1234123412341234" are there any additional query parameters I can use to select a specific element in th...
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  • Navisworks BIM Pro/Portal Integration?

    Is it possible to view Navisworks .nwd data in Pro, and also publish to 3D scene in Portal? I've been able to export .nwd to .obj and .fbx, but cannot view in CityEngine (to then convert to SLPK) as they appear to be ...
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  • How to get the dwg file to line up where it should be.

    Hi How do i get this dwg file to align with other shapefiles. The spatial reference shows as unknown in arc catalog. I have tried defining projection and projecting as well. I have tired georeferencing but the file i...
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  • Spatial Adjustment in ArcPro?

    ArcMap Spatial Adjustment Toolbar.....  How I miss you!  Where did this go in ArcPro? I just want to move a dataset that is not projected into the correct location using established reference points. Georefe...
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  • Using ArcGIS for AutoCAD to access ArcGIS Online data

    Our company has an ArcGIS online account we use to enter data from the field, via Collector, and to integrate with our GIS environment. What we would like to do is also access this information, and other webmap servic...
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  • Programmatically change CAD Layer's data source

    I am trying to change the data source of a CAD layer in a Pro map using arcpy. Looking at the documentation on the arcpy.mp.Layer class I can see that the updateConnectionProperties method is the one to use. Get the c...
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  • How can I convert Bentley i model (i.dgn) to ESRI File GDB without losing data/attribute information in ArcPro?Tried Data Interopability also, it fetches null geometry/attributes. TIA

    We have BIM data in bentley i model format (i.dgn). Need to use that data in GIS analysis, so tried to convert that data in ArcGIS Geodatabase featureclass. Used Data interoperability tool in both application Desktop ...
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  • ProjectWise

    Have placed a copy of a *.mxd with related *.GDB on Bentley's ProjectWise. Want to be able to "repair the broken links" with the *.GDB stored on ProjectWise verses our local copy (server, desktop, SDE, AGOL). Is this ...
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  • ArcGIS Data Interoperability CAD Object Data table with field definitions to file geodatabase conversion

    is there a way using the data interoperability extension to move CAD / Civil 3D object data to a file geodatbase field. In FME Workbench the Map 3D Object Data reader allows the exposure of the attached object da...
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  • CAD layers missing in feature class.

    Hi I have a CAD dwg with 103 layers in it. Using arcmap 10.7.1. When I import as feature classes (in geodatabase) I get 4 FC for the 4 geometries. There is a attribute field of layer in each of them, listing the CAD...
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  • Unable to read Sqlite non-spatial with Data Interoperability

    How come the Sqlite non-spatial reader in Data Interop requires a database connection that doesn't let you specify sqllite non-spatial? If you choose the only sqlite option (spatial) , the connection remains red and d...
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  • Digital Maps

    Is anyone out there accepting subdivision or condo maps digitally and then dropping them into ArcMap?  We are interested in learning from you if you are.  Ideally, we would like to accept maps in a digital f...
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  • Annotation Feature Class as Feature Service to edit in Web Or Webmap

    Hi Everyone,   Is it possible to publish an "Annotation Feature Class as a Feature Service" in ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 Or higher.... so that I can edit those Annotations as needed in "Web Or Webmaps Etc..."? If yes...
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  • How do I bring an ArcGIS Online polygon layer into AutoCAD?

    Hi, I am trying to export a polygon layer from ArcGIS Online into AutoCAD 2017, however all the guides I can find seem to be fixated on ArcGIS Desktop and do not seem to apply to the online version. I've tried d...
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  • Best Workflow for Data Updates with Autocad

    Hi,   I work primarily in Autocad for all of the drawings of my airport. This is because of Autocad being an industry go-to (for the most part) for all things relating to construction and mapping, or at least in...
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