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I am wondering how I could use "Closest Facility" instead of "Nearby" in an Infographic? Right now it appears as though "Nearby" is straight line distance. I would like to determine what the closest features are based on the road network instead like the Closest Facility Network Analysis does. Is this possible in an Infographic?
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For example, if you have some business territories and you want to see if by restructuring them a little bit, could you potentially improve its infrastructure?
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I need square footage data for business/facility locations in BA Web. How do I get this?   Right now, it appears only Number of Employees and Sales Volume are available? Business and Facilities Search—Business Analyst Web App | Documentation    The business locations dataset has more attributes including SQFTCODE.  … (Show more)
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I created a created a county level map using the custom data option in Business Analyst. The map renders in Business Analyst nicely and has a nice hover pop up. When I export the map to ARCGIS Online, the hover pop-up goes away. I tried to re-create the map using the new Minimal template in the Web App and it's not as nice as what was created in… (Show more)
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Users in my company are complaining the data is out-of-date and want to switch to a different platform. Looking for an authoritative answer from ESRI, but don't know where I should ask the question or to whom it should be addressed. Anything that points me in the right direction would be much appreciated. -Mike Newman
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I have been playing around with the Business Analyst web app and had a question regarding the Report feature.   I know you can add dynamic fields for certain variables in the reports (site name, address, etc.), but is there a way to add dynamic fields for variables that would be in an attribute table?   For example: I have sites with the… (Show more)
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Hello, I am building a report template on Business Analyst Online. I loaded my layers with territorial statistical information and I would like to create some custom variables to insert in the report I have no problems when I create a custom variable based on data from the same layer; I can't create a variable based on data from two different… (Show more)
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Hello everyone and anyone,   I am working out of Business Analyst Web App attempting to build a Custom Variable containing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) formula into one of my Custom Infographic Reports.   The CAGR Formula attachment shows the calculation I wish to perform. The Pet Spending CAGR attachment shows the formula I have built… (Show more)
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I work for the county and I am needing to come up with a project that uses either Spatial Analyst or Business Analyst or both. I have looked at parcel data, election data but do not have a clear project for these two extensions. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 
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