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I am trying to add LiDAR WMS data from into a 3D web scene in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5. The LiDAR data's coordinate reference system is in British National Grid. This seems to be unsupported in web scenes. Can you confirm if this is possible? Thanks Georgia
I have an external web services that will provide me with information on the locations of gps points, what I want is for the data to be loaded into a table from my DB  and then have a view in my corporate gdb. Is there a way to bring this information ?
How would you calculate age in ArcGIS Pro based on BornDate and DeathDate fields?  I am working on creating a feature class to map cemetery graves using the Collector app.  The two fields are both a date type.  I am trying to do this in ArcGIS Pro, which I am new at, and it looks like the formula to deduct the BornDate from DeathDate and divide by… (Show more)