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I've noticed that I can re-arrange fields in the Fields View of ArcGIS Pro, but that this order is not permanent, and only applies to the layer in the table of contents.   Side story: I often need to re-arrange the order of fields permanently, but the only way I currently know how is to create a personal geodatabase in ArcMap, import the…
My organization has several very large datasets (1M+ records per dataset) that have a spatial component. Mostly this has been used a business data, but there is a push by management to incorporate more geospatial analysis. Because of the large datasets, data is stored using HP Vertica system. This is not a database system I am familiar with, but I… (Show more)
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Hi All   I have cluster of machines for GeoAnalytics. I have some 50M points in some shapefiles. If I can control it, am I better with 5 shapefiles with 10M points each or with 50 shapefiles with 1M points each? What is the rules here?   Thanks
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As part of the 10.6.1 release, we've published a blog post outlining how to create layers that aggregate large data sets at different zoom levels. You can check out the blog post here: Visualize aggregated data in ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server 10.6.1.   The blog contains a link to a sample notebook that you can modify to use with your own… (Show more)
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I am trying to understand how the Relational Data Store and the Spatiotemporal Data Store compare when working with GeoAnalytics. The documentation (and my experience poking at things) suggests that both support inputs and outputs for geoprocessing tasks carried out by the GeoAnalytics Server. Unfortunately, I cannot find any documentation… (Show more)
Need Help.   I have a 7 mile long project area in which the company we are doing the work for will not send me their digital CADD some lucky person (me) has to georeference 19 design plan sheets in ArcMap. However, when I move onto the second sheet, the first one snaps off to the side making overlapping them a bit difficult. I didn't… (Show more)
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Looking at What is ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server?—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise, all I can find it "Get started with...", "Prepare your data...", "Perform analysis," and "Tutorials."  Although all of those topics are useful, they are definitely aimed squarely at the user, not an administrator.   Since GeoAnalytics Server and Image Server (Raster… (Show more)
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Hi, I am new to GeoAnalytics Server.  My question is which data type is more effictive running analysis? The same data published as a (hosted) Feature Layer or e.g. as a CSV file in a BigData Store?   Thanks for your help.
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