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I've successfully calculated anisotropic least cost paths using vertical factor tables (Tobler's Hiking Function Towards and Away created by Nicholas Tripcevich, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (2009), developed from Tobler. Original Webpage: <>) - the fastest routes.   And, for comparison, I've calculated… (Show more)
Are there any existing data models out there for archaeological excavation and provenience?
Hi, everyboby,   I have several point in a unique shp file (I use arcmap), I would calculate the cost path (so the best rout according to the landscape surface) between all the same points each other. Is it possibile? How can I use the same shp as origins and destinations points? Or is it necessary to split the point in order to use them… (Show more)
in Archaeology GIS
Hi there, I am trying to generate a least cost path taking into consideration the energy (calories) expended crossing a given distance. So I need to create a friction surface, based on a slope, representing the energy needed to cross a given distance. I have made a similar surface by using the hikers equation. However, I don't know how can I do… (Show more)
in Archaeology GIS