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Hi, everyboby,   I have several point in a unique shp file (I use arcmap), I would calculate the cost path (so the best rout according to the landscape surface) between all the same points each other. Is it possibile? How can I use the same shp as origins and destinations points? Or is it necessary to split the point in order to use them… (Show more)
in Archaeology GIS
Hi there, I am trying to generate a least cost path taking into consideration the energy (calories) expended crossing a given distance. So I need to create a friction surface, based on a slope, representing the energy needed to cross a given distance. I have made a similar surface by using the hikers equation. However, I don't know how can I do… (Show more)
in Archaeology GIS
I can't find a good amount of information on creating a grid within a set boundary and using the intersection points as points for data.  I work in the archaeology field and we dig shovel tests on a 50 foot grid.  I am trying to figure out a way of creating a grid before entering the field, where each intersection point already has a distinct GPS… (Show more)
in Archaeology GIS