What is coming for eSearch in FV 3.7

Blog Post created by rscheitlin Champion on Jul 8, 2014


I just wanted to give you a sneak peek t what is coming for the eSearch widget in version 3.7 of the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex.

I have been working for many month on the App Builder GUI for my eSearch widget. This has proven to be a rather significant development effort, as over the years I have added so many configurable features to the eSearch widget. In hindsight if I had ever thought that I would have to build a user interface for all those configurable options I might have implemented less of the additions that people have asked for...


   For those of you that have experience using the Flex App Builder, you know that it is just a GUI application for configuring the ArcGIS Viewer for flex. What this does is removes the need for the individual that is configuring the viewer to have to know XML or work directly with the XML configuration files (in most cases).


   Considering all the configurable options in the eSearch widget the eSearchWidget.xml can be very intimidating to people trying to configure the widget. So in the 3.7 release of the ArcGIS Viewer for flex you will now have a GUI for all the eSearch configuration options. No more need to edit the eSearchWidget.xml directly.


   I have had to wait for the 3.7 release of the Flex API as there were some needed changes that had to be made to the App Builder source code in order to support browsing for tables. Here is a screen shot of the GUI.


Example 1

Layer GUI Screenshot.

















Example 2

Default Options Screenshot.

















Example 3

Symbology Options Screenshot.
















Hope you will enjoy all the effort put into this.