• Need to share directions turn-to-text to another user with map screen shot

    Hi I am raja ,I am using Esri maps(version 4.8) in our web application development .We have added the directions widget on maps as per our requirement using developer credit. Here we need to send screen shot of map an...
  • Displaying DWG file over the ArcGIS JS map viewer

    Displaying DWG file over the ArcGIS JS map viewer     We have an ArcGIS java script web application. We need to add a functionality to allow the user to upload the Drawing file (DWG) from the client browser...
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  • ESRI JavaScript API 3: show varouis FeatureLayers in one Layer

    Hi,   I would like to use the FeatureServer of current Hurricanes to display the information in one single Layer. This means represent the observed Track (Line), observed Position (Point), forcasted Track (Line...
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  • why the coordinates from view.toMap() are incorrect in east hemisphere?

    Hi, Does anyone know why the coordinates output from view.toMap are incorrect in the east hemisphere? I simplified the code to be the following. You run it and click the map anywhere and you will find that the output...
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  • using "Derive new Locations" function in analysis widget

    For some reason the Derive new locations analysis function works in my web map, but not in the associated web mapping application when used as a widget. When I try running it, my javascript console reads "Uncaught typ...
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  • Obtaining Lat/Long of the user's position in ArcGIS API JS 4.16

    I want to acquire the user's current position to use it in different functions. Locate widget works perfectly but I am not able to get the latitude and longitude from it. Are there any alternatives to Locate widg...
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  • JAVASCRIPT function to find nearest feature of a coordinate

    Dears   I have set of different coordinates in an excel file. I am processing this excel file through java script API. I am trying to find the nearest feature(using ESRI javascript API) corresponding to...
  • How to access secure feature layer through javascript api

    Hi, I have created a feature service layer on my arcgis online portal and hosted it there also. Now I want to use this feature service layer on map through arcgis javascript api v3.2. Now I want to pass username...
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  • Advice on Authenticating Domain Users (via ADFS) Against Secure Services

    Hello Community -   I am looking for some guidance on how to approach authenticating active directory domain users against a secure ArcGIS Server map service.  Knowing there are several approaches, please...
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  • ArcGIS JavaScript API V4 & Uploading a File to a Geoprocessing Service

    Hello,   Recently I needed to upload a file to a geoprocessing service using the ArcGIS JavaScript API V4 but had trouble finding a concise road map on how to achieve this. After knocking my knees on the un...
  • How optimize rendering 8000 polygon graphics on a layer map?

    Why when I rendering with Arcgis GraphicsLyaer 8000 polygon it taked about 35seconds and very small in rendering frame per seconds while navigation with it drawed graphics if I use for this 2d Map, but better with Sce...
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  • How to change renderer of multiple layers of a arcgisdynamicservicelayer javascript api?

    I am bit puzzled about it.   How can I change styling/symbology of different layer of a call created as arcgisdynamicservicelayer by passing Map Server url?
    created by dkm007
  • how to get all results from all sources in Search widget Scene view

    Dear All, i am using arcgis 4.15. i have a search widget.i want to get all results from all my sources which i place in sources.   var searchWidget = new Search({ view: view, allPlaceholder: "Enter key word",...
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  • How to add a local image/georeferenced image to a map in ArcGIS JS API 4.x?

    Is it possible to add a local image not georeferenced and set the coordinates in which it has to be (long,lat)? The only examples found were in the documentation which accesses a url from an ArcGIS server that provide...
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  • consuming dotnet core webapi geojson data

    You help is greatly appreciated.  I am trying to load sample school data as a geojson feature collection from dotnet core 3.1 MVC rest api.  And of course create GeoJSONLayer.   I was able to it on...
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  • Can't resolve 'esri/core/accessorSupport/decorators'

    Hi all,    I'm working with Angular and I'm trying to extend Accessors class.  I've followed the topic implementing-accessor but can't recompile the project because the error:  ...
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  • ArcGIS Server - GenerateToken (limit/audit)

    Hi,   I can't find any documentation on:    a.) Is there an upper limit as to how many tokens can be active for a single user? As in if I hit a page 100 times in different sessions within an hour wind...
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  • Export Web Map doesn't show legend classes.

    Hi all, I created 2 mxd for a custom Layout. I published them and there are 2 version for A4 and A3....  When I try to print the layout A3 I only get the Legend with classes, text and description but without sy...
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  • Generating Token By URL Request From ArcGIS Portal?

    Hi, I'm trying to generate a token from a Portal url. It generates a token when pasting this link into a web browser: https://portalUrl/sharing/rest/generateToken?&f=json  but when I run this code: functio...
  • ArcGIS Javascript API 4.x  intellisense

    Is there ArcGIS Javascript API 4.x  intellisense for 1) Visual Studio Professional 2019  2) VsCode
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