• Looking for companies to bring in real-time flooding info into WAZE.

    Urban Mobility Resilience ChallengeWe're offering up to $500,000 to create a next generation traffic app that offers drivers real-time flooding and re-routing information.     Join us for an online discussio...
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  • Clustering on single layer with different category

    Suppose,There are 4 symbols of 2 different category on map's single layer, By using existing cluster examples it combines all 4 symbols into any 1 random symbol which is not our requirement.    We want it s...
  • Issues in printing with legend with Javascript API 3.29

    Iam trying to use the Print API of ArcGIS Javascript API 3.29 to print the map with the legend. Iam having issues in the output that is generated. My actual layers have legends like      But in the...
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  • HTTP2 for Arcgis server?

    We've switched to HTTP2 for some other non-gis web applications and it has proven to be a performance booster.  I wondered with all of those tile loading in the client for our map apps, if it would have the same ...
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  • Unifying the coordinate systems in GIS

    Hi there,  Would anyone explain to me how I unify the coordinate systems between GPS and Total Stations measurements in GIS? I have the satellite image of the area of interest. GPS data is mat...
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  • Marker Symbol Rotation at 10.5 server

    I'm having issues with point maker symbols being rotated in an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer based on a field in the data.  The server sometimes will not render with the rotation and then upon a zoom or pan i...
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  • How to use the enterprise Geodatabase featureclass metadata in ArcGIS Server Javascript API application?

    Dear all, I have my enterprise geodatabase in sql server DB. I have created the mapservice with 36 layers in one service. Now i want to use the background metadata in my web application. How can i use each layer metad...
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  • Arcgis Server mapservice Problem

    Dear all, I am not getting any point why my mapservice is working too late. Its bit hectic for clients. The map boundary which is a mapservice coming late while zoom in / out with base map. It takes approximately 5/6 ...
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  • Export to PDF with Maplex issues

    Ever since I upgraded form 10.0 to 10.3 my export to PDF sizes have dramatically increased. My project is set up using data driven pages with maplex turned on. With it on my PDF sizes go from 8mb to 150mb. Turning map...
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  • Map Service Transparency not showing up in JavaScript Application

    Greetings, I have set up a map service with labels and transparency. When I view the service in the REST endpoint via the ArcGIS JavaScript API the labels and transparencies come through correctly. However, in my Java...
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