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We recently installed ArcGIS Server 10.5 on a server and I'm attempting to recreate a geoprocessing service that exists elsewhere in our system. The original version has an HTTP url for the endpoint and since there are many other dependencies on this there would be a lot more work to adapt the change in protocol.   Is it possible to publish the… (Show more)
Hello,   In a single-machine-high-availability-active-active-deployment, though 2 webservices are exactly identical (same SDE geodatabase), but also identical: - MapServer info json : https://x.y.z/arcgis/rest/services/Folder/Service/MapServer/?f=json   - Layer info json :… (Show more)
Combien de mapservice, imageservice, geoprocessing service peut gérer ArcGIS Server 10.4? Avec ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 sur une machine de 64 de Ram
In a portal high availability 10.5 scenario, I noticed that when a standby portal machine detects failure in the primary machine, it communicates with the failed primary machine and drops (the standby machine i mean) its "c:\arcgisportal\db" directory and create a new one (may be based on info from the failed primary db folder)! I noticed that… (Show more)
Hello,   During ArcGIS 10.2 caching tiles I encountered with some errors but could not find any solution in web. What I found in web as solution was to make caching as foreground process (instead of background process) by clicking Geoprocessing > Geoprocessing Options on the Standard toolbar and  uncheck background option. I did so, but errors… (Show more)
I am deploying a highly available Portal and ArcGIS Server based on the following diagram. We use KEMP Virtual as the network load balance. Since we would like to have all the transaction to use HTTPS protocol only and we use third party NLB, where should we install device certificate? Only on web server (IIS and also importing them in ArcGIS… (Show more)
Since we are interested in IWA with a highly available federated ArcGIS Server and Portal (See diagram below), does the federated ArcGIS Server need web adaptor?   In Esri’s diagram ArcGIS Server doesn’t have web adaptor so I assume: - If users connect via Portal, they should pass Portal web adaptor (wa1 and wa2). - Third party web applications… (Show more)
If you're currently using ArcGIS Monitor, you may find this gallery of plug-ins, extensions, and tutorial videos useful.    ArcGIS GeoEvent extension License extension ArcSoc Optimizer task System Log Parser for ArcGIS Errors URL extension File Read Write extension System Log Parser for ArcGIS task HTTP Find… (Show more)
Using ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 I have a published service which looks like Can you please let me know how I can delete a Layer like Pole(10) from the service?
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