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ArcGIS Server is taking a long time to publish services, around 45 minutes. I've always assumed this was normal until recently when I found out that it very much isnt. I would like to have ArcGIS Monitor record publishing time so I can get some firm numbers to call support with. Is this possible? I see in the logs that publishing looks like its… (Show more)
Hello, I’ve developed a custom print service for ArcGIS Server using a very similar approach to this one. When this service is called for the first time in a day, it times out or it requires 20-30 mins to complete. After this happens, everything seems to be back to normal and the service runs in approx. 2-3 mins. I would much appreciate any… (Show more)
This would be our Portal and ArcGIS Server high availability deployment. We want to add a HA GeoEvent Server to this architecture. What would be the best solution based on the following limitations/recommendations? 1- Don't use multi-machine sites with GeoEvent 2- Don't install GeoEvent in your base GIS site   If we create two independent… (Show more)
I am getting this error message while Registering a folder to the ArcGIS Server(for Linux) site.  It is worth mentioning here that, I am using the same user which was used to install the server on VM the folder location has been checked on an nfs share as well as host machine's directories the folder is otherwise accessible from explorer and… (Show more)
I’m completely stumped with an issue concerning a High Availability deployment of Portal 10.5.1 on Windows Server 2016.    I'm following these steps and after completing step 3 the Portal becomes unresponsive (home page won’t load, can’t log in… (Show more)
We have an existing IIS setup where both servers use a shared configuration file for redundancy. We would like to use these servers as ArcGIS Server Web Adaptors but it doesn't seem to be allowing the install/configuration. Is this possible with our configuration or does each Web Adaptor IIS servers need to have their own configuration files? 
ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 all the patches Windows 2008 R2   We have a service set up to perform a one-way replica and it was working before but now it seems to only be able to download when using an internal only URL.  We need this for the outside public to use it but none of the various public versions of the REST URL are working!   Does anyone else… (Show more)
We are currently doing a high availability installation of ArcGIS Enterprise and keep running into a few installation issues with the joining of the portals. We are using an ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced License to license both portals but keep getting the following error:   The two machines are licensed differently. Ensure both machines use the same… (Show more)
We are going to deploy a highly available ArcGIS Server on DMZ side with ArcGIS built-in store security. Since we use third party NLB, I believe we don’t need Web Adaptor. Correct? Can I remove green boxes in diagram below?