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Click to view contentThis would be our Portal and ArcGIS Server high availability deployment. We want to add a HA GeoEvent Server to this architecture. What would be the best solution based on the following limitations/recommendations? 1- Don't use multi-machine sites with GeoEvent 2- Don't install GeoEvent in your base GIS site   If we create two independent… (Show more)
ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.1   I need to publish a dynamic layer to ArcGIS Server that resides in a flat SQL Server database (not a geodatabase).  This is a legacy database that's been around for more than 20 years.  Upgrading it to a geodatabase is not an option currently as there are many integrated legacy systems that depend on it.    I'm wondering… (Show more)
Use this tool within ArcGIS Desktop/ArcGIS Pro to create an ArcGIS Server statistic report, and a second tool to execute the report writing the output to a CSV file. A great advantage of this tool versus creating the report within ArcGIS Server manager is that you are not limited to one statistic per report.   The following statistics are… (Show more)
So, I checked with ESRI and they don't really have any official guidance on this, and couldn't even tell me if they have ever adjusted it, so I thought I'd ask the community.   We have a multi-machine arcgis cluster using a shared config folder setup.  In front of this, we have an arcgis webadaptor running on IIS in Windows.  The webadaptor… (Show more)
Hello!0   Currently we have an ArcGIS Server 10.4 up and running with more than 150 separate services which affects the server performance really bad. RAM usage is almost always very high as well as the number of ArcSOC processes and swap file is large. Since there are a lot of services related to a common topic (f.i. climate, geology etc) I was… (Show more)
We are facing performance issue for Portal for ArcGIS 10.5 in high availability environment. It was running fine until a failover happened and I assume the recovery didn't went well. Error in portal log "HA: error in HA plugin. The semaphore timeout period has expired" Publishing map service and GP service is taking lot of time, sometimes upto 30… (Show more)
Click to view contentDear All,   I would like to ask one question which can help me understand more on Portal HA.   We followed link for 10.5.1 to configure Portal HA Configure a highly available portal—Portal for ArcGIS (Windows) Installation Guide (10.5) | ArcGIS Enterprise One is shown as Primary and the other is Standby. Incase the primary portal goes down,… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello everyone  It is the first time for me to Publishing a map service with arcmap 10.4.1 after I added arcgis server to arcmap from file selected Share As >> Service and in the last step when I clicked publish in service editor , error message appeared  (the server is not ready for publishing - please check if the publishing tools on the server… (Show more)
Please I would like to know if there is a new and easier way to achieve the transfer of map services from one ArcGIS server machine to another ArcGIS server machine. I have over 400 map services to transfer. Some two years back I was able to achieve this using the discomap.ServiceTransferTool that i found on this forum and the transfer was made… (Show more)
We are facing some publishing (error 001369) problems in our ArcGIS Server 10.6   Deployment:    - ArcGIS Enterprise  (HA) with 6 machines (2 for portal, 2 for server, 2 for datastore)    - Config-Store & directories storaged in a microsoft cluster file server (windows 2008)   This error (error 001369) appears sometimes with differents… (Show more)
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