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Hey guys, can we publish geoprocessing services (web tools)  from acgis pro 1.4 to arcgis server 10.4? if not, what version of arcgis pro is compatible with arcgis server 10.4? Thanks
Good day everyone,   I am having an issue publishing feature layers to ArcGIS portal. I am using an enterprise .sde database to store my collection data. My intention is to use the feature layers in making an offline map to be used with the collector app. Field workers will use the offline map in the collector app to collect data and then sync… (Show more)
I have a map I made in college that has attachments (photos) that I want to export to a File Geodatabase on my laptop.  I figured out how to do it when I was a tutor in 2017 but the software has changed since that time.  Can anyone help me with this?  
Click to view contentHi.  Basically here is the worflow: From collector app, select one of the lines (see 1st screenshot). In the pop out window from collector there is a link that will open a survey in S123. Once the app is open, in the survey there are attributes passed from Collector but doesn't fill out the "Polyline" (see 2nd screenshot). It's possible to "pass"… (Show more)
Just getting acquainted with Attribute Assistant and unsure if functionality will transfer to field applications in Collector?  Still in ArcGIS 10.6.1.
All versions of on-device or off line maps on Collector app are failing to sync.  The sync is stalling or freezing a quarter of the way thru the sync.  I have not changed anything to cause this issue.  Any news on changes esri has made to ArcGIS on-line or problems with their servers to cause this problem?
We are using ArcCollector on an Android tablet. Recently when we try to sync, it will start but never finishes. We have previously synced offline data on this map before. This only occurs on one of our maps and no error ever comes up.   Does anyone have any idea what could be our problem?   Thank you!