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Webmaps store details with URL addresses for feature layers that are used when it is developed. It does not read the feature layer's details at startup.  This makes it difficult for a user to do basic development and later update the webmap for production.   The scenario: We have updated the schema in a test database that has attributes to be…
Hi, I am trying to add GNSS Metadata Fields (Pro) for Hosted Service but keep getting an error for the Layer Index. It keeps telling me the Parameter is missing or invalid. Has anyone successfully added the metadata fields through Pro for a hosted service that can tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks! Dolores 
Hola, estoy tratando de publicar un servicio con Arcgis Server, con opción de FeatureClass activada, ya registré la base de datos, pero me sale este mensaje: ERROR 001272: Analyzer errors were encountered (codes = 62).   Espero alguien pueda orientarme, gracias.
A repeat option when collecting features in Collector would be awesome.  We have people who collect multiple of the same feature (ten or more) at a single site.  It would be greatly beneficial to repeat the attributes that were entered when collecting the first feature, rather than having to fill out attributes at each location.
Hello, I have AGOL subscription and an arcgis server account (10.3.1). I made a webmap that contains a feature service from my server (sql 2008) and I want to add features using the collector app. On android platform there is no problem. But on ios - when I open the map the app crashes. I made the map public, it is called: Collector Checking… (Show more)
Hi all,   we we are going to have two advanced arcgis server license for production and also we will have two advanced arcgis server license for staging. In our deployment we will install arcgis portal now my question is many named users I will get arcgis portal 2. Will I get named users for arcgis online also.
Create Geodatabase in ArcGIS Server Create Feature Data Set Choose coordinate system ¨ By choosing the right coordinate systems for your map, feature services, and databases, you can limit the number of transformations, as well as the error introduced each time.  ¨ ESRI AGOL uses WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) {WGS84} ¨ WGS84 is the…