• Correct syntax for GroupMigrationManager

    Hello, We recently upgraded our Enterprise environment to 10.8.1 and are looking forward to taking advantage of the GroupMigrationManager tools within the ArcGIS API for Python.    However, the documentat...
    created by EAnderson_DHSGMO
  • Weekly Folder & File transfer Issues in Python.

    Hi All:   I need to run a weekly python script that will copy (from and existing folder) folders and their contents to another folder in task scheduler, with the caviat that only new data is copied and pasted si...
    created by robertmoore_AMIG
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication for Python API

    I'm having some trouble getting a Python script authenticated via the OAuth 2.0 method described here: Working with different authentication schemes | ArcGIS for Developers    Following those instructions, ...
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  • shared_with failed to get the sharing status

    Hi,   Trying to get the sharing info for portal items with the ArcGIS API for python: webmap_search = gis.content.search("fdb487b5ee9c46fcac9b57883cce4b8a", item_type="Web Map") webmap_search[0].shared_with A...
  • Overwrite not working, wrong number of records returned

    I'm using Python API's flc.manager.overwrite method to overwrite an existing HFS with new data from a feat class in a fgdb. Although the operation says "success" the records returned are the either the same as be...
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  • SSL Error access portal using arcgis python api Pro 2.6

    Trying to access portal using ArcGIS Python API Has anyone been experiencing issues when trying to access portal through GIS when using Pro 2.6.x Since installing this version the syntax below will fail when it prev...
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  • Spatial Data Frame: Accessing local GIS data

    Introduction to the Spatial DataFrame | ArcGIS for Developers    This article mentions that a Spatial DataFrame can be created from a local feature class using the ArcGIS API for python:   "If the Arc...
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  • How can I get the item updated date in the Arcgis for python api?

    I am able to get the item created date using item.created, but item.updated does not seem to be supported.  I think it would be easier to read the documentation for this api if the functions and properties were g...
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  • Using the mapping.export_map

    I am writing a print service for client that does not have ArcServer because they are small and are using only ArcGIS Online as their mapping platform.  Since I cannot use the ArcServer print services, I've utili...
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  • Enable popup in Web Map

    Dear All,   Is it possible to Enable popup in Web Map using ArcGIS API for Python?         Thanks, Krish
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  • Arcgis API on AWS Lambda

    I'm trying to upload a package to AWS Lambda and can not find/install the ArcGIS Python API for my package.  Has anyone done this?   Thanks.
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  • Errors while executing from image chips

    I practiced to identify palm trees count and health using pyton model given by esri ,it working very fine on data provided download from esri link,i am trying to do same with our data but its showing errors while excu...
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  • Split a fist and middle name

    I am trying to split a fist and middle name. the number of names is not always two:  Name WILLIAM LEWIS SAMMY L ROCKY ROCKY ORA SETH How can I split these into two columns?
    last modified by skitchen@e3co.land
  • conda update conda

    I recently updated ArcPro to version 2.6.1 since then, notebooks is not taking any conda instruction.   I have been through all discussed in this post, unistalled and installed both ArcPro and Anaconda multiple ...
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  • python expression

    Hello everybody,   in the picture you can see an attribute table of an heat meter. The number of the heat meter is 11250423. The heat status is given monthly. Now I want to make an expression to get the consumpt...
    created by sboden-esristaff
  • clone_items throwing ConnectionResetError/Timeout error

    I'm trying to copy a feature service from an AGOL organization to another AGOL account. And I'm keep receiving the following error.   ConnectionResetError         ...
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  • shared_with property on item doesn't display groups

    I'm using the ArcGIS Python API to report on items owned by users in my ArcGIS Online organization.    For each user I loop through their items and check the shared_with property to see which groups the ite...
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  • export content.search results to excel

    how do i export the results of the search to excel?  In the export i would want username, modified date, created date and view count     import arcgis from arcgis.gis import GIS portal = "https://xxx...
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  • Unable to connect to ArcGis Enterprise Portal via python using token

    Hello,   I want to connect to our ArcGis Entreprise portal in a python script using a valid token, but it fails .... I execute this script from ArcGis Pro connected to our portal.   #My script "Script" i...
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  • Is it possible to calculate surface area of a DEM with raster calculator only?

    Is it possible to calculate surface area of a DEM with raster calculator only? Im new to the tool, so im trying to understand its limits.   Thank You all.
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