• Installing Arcpy module in python 3.8

    I've found similar threads from other users with previous versions of python, but struggled to make heads or tails of the "results". I have a python3 script that I'm trying to run (essentially just a the python script...
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  • Python script to Add PDF to My Content

    Hello,   I would like the ability to add or update a non-spatial item like a pdf from my computer to My Content in AGOL through a python script.  We have an agol organizational account, but not arcgis enter...
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  • ERROR 000840: The value is not a non-geometry table.

    Hello All,   I'm using the arcpy.GeocodeAddresses_geocoding   I received this error when attempting to geocode a table using ArcGIS API for python. Does anybody know where documentation on this can be...
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  • OSError: cannot identify image file

    I have this issue when I try to use prepare_data function. I already have the newest version of pillow. I also noticed that the tiff files that I get from the "export training data for deep learning" can not be opene...
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  • Python API not showing dependent map layers

    I'm trying to use the Python API to see the dependent map layers in some of my organization's web maps.  I am following the "Finding relationships between items: Relationship between web map items" on the ArcGIS ...
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  • Update Data Source URL?

    I recently uploaded a bunch of KML files using Python to my ArcGIS Online account. The only issue I'm noticing is that the data source url isn't being generated. Is there a way to update these KML files with python to...
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  • Python API - geometry.get_length does not provide measure in appropriate units

    I am using Python API 1.8, and think I am using the correct syntax.  But I am getting the same length for all units.  I have a geometry with attributes like this rtegeom = {'hasM': True, 'paths': [[[-17599...
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  • Errors in standalone script when copying Route Event Layer to fgb

    I am working on a standalone python script that dissolves speed data across a network to perform a daily refresh a table in our enterprise geodatabase.  I've made the script work several ways when running in...
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  • When I upload multiple kmz files to AGOL as kml it doesn't generate a service URL

    When I run the script below to upload thousands of kmz files to my AGOL as kml they upload without a service url in item details. If I login to my account an use the add item tool to upload the files individual then a...
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  • Running notebook remotely in ArcGIS Online

    Hello, Is it possible to run notebook in ArcGIS Online remotely? I found this: https://developers.arcgis.com/python/api-reference/arcgis.gis.nb.html?highlight=notebook#arcgis.gis.nb.NotebookManager.execute_noteb...
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  • CreateWebLayerSDDraft doesn't include Date Field configuration?

    So I'm having an issue where I'm trying to automate publishing a feature service to AGO using python where it's failing at the analyze during StageService_server ([{"code":"00129","message":"Map has layers that record...
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  • Overwrite layers in feature service with the python API

    Hi all, So here's my problem, I have a script that is generating new shapefiles, those shapefiles are layers in one feature service on AGOL. I want to write a script using the python API to automate this task, but I'...
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  • GoeAccessor - "Address column not found in dataframe"

    Hello everyone,    I am using Python API (1.8.1) and ArcGIS Enterprise (10.7.1) for scripting and automation. I am creating spatially enabled data frames from both feature layer and feature class with GeoAc...
  • Querying history with output to Dataframe

    Environment: Windows 10 Python 3.8.5 ArcGIS for Python 1.8.2 Querying ArcGIS Online   The following code works, output as csv, then read that csv back in as a Dataframe:   x = gis.admin.history(start_date=st...
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  • VS Code arcgis extension

    Greetings, I am trying to find the arcgis Python API extension for VS Code.   I was able to find the ArcGIS API for JS API and the AppStudio extension in the marketplace, but not the arcgis Python extensio...
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  • ArcGIS API for Python - Spatially Enabled DataFrame from WKT Geometry

    I am working in a jupyter notebook, trying to query a SQL database via pyodbc and turn the output data into a spatially enabled dataframe. I can successfully read my SQL query as a regular pandas dataframe, including ...
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  • Updating Data Source in ArcGIS PRO project with arcpy

    Trying to update data source for layers in ArcGIS Pro maps programmatically. So, I must be misunderstanding the syntax for doing that explained here. Because the following does not work: import arcpy aprx = arcpy.mp....
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  • Pandas data frame to feature layer - empty results

    I am attempting to scrape data from a website and publish it as a feature layer to ArcGIS Online. I have been using the sample notebook (HTML table to Pandas Data Frame to Portal Item | ArcGIS for Developers ) as...
  • Trying to use jupyter notebooks and arcgis api to access sentinel data

    Hi, I am just getting started with python and the arcgis api and I’m trying to use jupyter notebook to analyse sentinel data for pre and post fire processing assignment. I found some help online but I keep gett...
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  • Send message to Group

    Seems there should be a way to send messages to an entire Group that I own right?  Members have organizational accounts but are from different organizations.  I posed this question on Friday as a programming...