• OSError: -2 in prepare_data() in Deep Learning

    Hi, I'm trying to apply the Deep Learning methodology illustrated here Extracting Building Footprints From Drone Data | ArcGIS for Developers to my own data. But I'm getting the following error The comma...
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  • Possible to update Portal Item 'itemid' or 'id' with Python API?

    I know that it is possible to update the item_properties for an item as outlined here Managing your content | ArcGIS for Developers .     I am writing a script to automate the migration of so...
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  • Update service URLs in Web Map

    Due to a server migration, I need to update all the service URLs to the new server.  The script runs, however, I do not see the update for the layers in the web map.    I took a look at this post and a...
  • Setting the refresh interval for a hosted feature layer

    I have a project that will be adding hosted feature layers to a map, and eventually removing them and archiving the data for the layer. I would like to be able to set the refresh interval for the layer with the Python...
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  • featureLayerCollection overwrite "Job failed"

    Hi. I am trying to update/overwrite a hosted feature layer, following the logic given near the end of a tutorial on learn.arcgis (Update Real-Time Data With Python). It uses the following to overwrite the feature laye...
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  • Unable to create a new user via ArcGIS API

    All,   I am exploring some scripting of the ArcGIS API for Python in the hope I can automate some future scenario. I have an administrator role on ArcGIS Online.   All I am trying to do is create...
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  • Update MMPK on Portal through Python API

    Is there a way to update an already uploaded MMPK in Portal through the Python API? In Portal, I have the option to update an already existing MMPK, but I would like to automate that in some way, and I am assuming the...
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  • ValidationError: Model requires an object_id

    Most pressing question:   I'm working with the ArcGIS Python API for Workforce and basing my code off this example.   When I use `batch_add` the code works and it adds an assignment.   However, ...
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  • Creating views from feature service doesn't include Tables

    Currently flc.manager.create_view(...) doesn't seem to publish any tables that are part of the service. Is there a way to do that using the API with some other parameters,etc? I have tried to use view_layers ...
  • Stopping and Starting Services in Portal via Python

    Trying to start/stop specific services. Using the article at How To: Stop GIS services using ArcGIS API for Python, I tried using the code but keep receiving an error message below posted code. I am running this ...
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  • Publish_parameters aren't used when publishing .sd-files

    It look like publishing feature service from a .sd-file doesn't take into account publish_parameters provided as a parameter. If I use geodatabase instead, it seems to work as expected. I assume that th...
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  • Performing Spatial Join on a Hosted Feature Layer

    Hello,   I'm hoping to create a python API script that will spatially join one of our online feature services to another on a daily schedule - using the 'closest' geometry to add a field to one of the layer...
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  • ArcGIS API for Python not plotting Spatially Enabled Dataframe

    I'm pulling data from an API and viewing it in a pandas dataframe using a Jupyter Notebook. The data has several attributes including latitude and longitude. I can successfully convert the pandas dataframe to a spatia...
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  • Can arcpy and ArcGIS API for Python code be used together?

    I need to list out data sources for some portal items using ArcGIS api for python, then get information for those data sources that only arcpy can provide. Can arcpy be used in an ArcGIS api for python script?  ...
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  • ArcPy vs Arcgis Python API

    Hi, Is there any document that describes the differences between ArcPy and ArcGIS Python API? Thanks
  • Is any functionality lost when selecting SSD version in arcgis.learn?

    I am curious to know if any functionality is lost between SSD version 1 and 2 in the arcgis.learn api. Will it still use focal loss? Also, are there and plans for SSD to be implemented with a feature pyramid network?...
  • DataFrame spatial plot not changing Arcgis map

    I'm trying to plot heat-map of the pandas.df over a Arcgis gray map in jupyter notebook, but the map is not changing (not matter what render style). maybe because: (?) In the anaconda prompt jupyter nbextension l...
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  • Rename Raster Dataset on SDE database to string with en-dash

    I tried renaming a 'Raster Dataset' on an SDE database connection to a string that contains the en-dash character and I get this error message:   ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Conta...
    created by Sherban
  • Is there any support to SLD 1.1.0 in ArcGIS? 

    I'm just getting started with SLD and have a SLD file version 1.1.0. In the ArcGIS documentation I saw reference to version 1.0.0.
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  • storageUsage and storageQuota

    I'm looping through all users in our org to gather info for a dashboard.  I've noticed that on all users the storageUsage is the same along with storageQuota for each users.  All other results - role, create...
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