• Missing and duplicate results on gis.content.search

    I'm trying to do some content management via a jupyter notebook using the code: from arcgis.gis import GIS gis = GIS("https://arcgis.com", "<USERNAME>", "<PASSWORD>") search_result = gis.content.search(que...
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  • Logged into AGOL via Python API but can't access my items

    When connecting to my organizational AGOL account via the Python API, I have found lately that while the login appears to succeed, I do not have the same level of access to my items that I have when accessing them thr...
  • odd troubles with cursors

    Hi folks, I'm not new to Python scripting for ArcGIS, but I'm a bit rusty to manipulating Python in GIS specifically, and new to ArcGIS Pro.  That said, what I'm trying to do is fairly simple and I've worked with...
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  • How to train deep learning model with image chips from multiple rasters, How to train deep learning model with image chips from multiple rasters

    I'm using a similar approach to deep learning with ArcGIS API for python like this tutorial describes:  https://learn.arcgis.com/en/projects/use-deep-learning-to-assess-palm-tree-health/lessons/detect-palm-trees-...
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  • How to add a filter to an ArcGIS Online item using the Python API?

    I'm trying to add a filtered view of an ArcServer map service (or feature service, if necessary) to ArcGIS Online by REST service URL using the API for Python. I can create the item in ArcGIS online using the url, but...
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  • Credit usage reports per user using the Python API

    Is it possible to return credit usage reports for each user in an Arcgis Online organization using the Python API? And if so, can it be returned for a specific period of time?   The credit manager clas...
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  • Python API with Jupyter Notebook not displaying Maps

    I can get everything else returned except the maps. I know the page says its subject to change. Any ideas?   Seems this step might be the issue: Enable map widget:The ArcGIS Python API includes a map widget for ...
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  • Test your install with jupyter notebook - map widget doesn't display

    I just installed the ArcGIS API for Python and I'm having an issue displaying a map widget in jupyter notebook.  I think it has something to do with my install, a version issue, or a missing extension?&...
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  • Do wee need Notebook Server for some of the deep learning function?

    Do we need Notebook Server (or Image Server, perhaps?) to use some of the methods in arcgis.learn module? Single shot detector seems to work without a Enterprise product, but some methods like 'de...
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  • Publishing map to ArcGIS Server (10.6+) with Python - Conundrum!

    Hey all, I'm caught in ESRI's library-name-change-and-circularly-referencing-documentation ****.   I have a number of MXD's that were the basis for a number ArcGIS map services in a 10.5.x standalone ArcGIS Ser...
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  • Sample Notebook: Analyzing Violent Crime

    I've been trying a few sample notebooks and there's always an error somewhere in the middle. For example on the "Analyzing Violent Crime" sample notebook (https://developers.arcgis.com/python/sample-notebooks/analyzin...
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  • Object Detection example, cant find the content and SSL verification failed

    Trying to use this example: Object Detection Workflow with | ArcGIS for Developers  log into and AGOL and i get content not found error: well_pads = gis.content.get('ae6f1c62027c42b8a88c4cf5deb86bbf') # Wel...
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  • Publishing A Survey from Survey123 Programmatically

    Hi there,   At my workplace, we have developed a survey for our field agents that must be populated with existent information on a fairly regular basis (think about once per hour), and itself populate several on...
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  • Jupyter Notebooks: display local shapefiles in map widget?

    I am just starting to explore ArcGIS API for python Jupyter Notebooks and am looking for a method to display a map in my notebook that I can add shapefiles to that are saved locally. More specifically I am after a way...
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  • Identify and work with items in a group

    Very simple issue (and can do it manually, but what's the fun in that?) - Just want to mark all of the items (they are all feature layers) in a group as authoritative. I get the group - but can't figure out how to st...
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  • gis.content.search --> exclude a user

    hi there -  I'm trying o build a list of our Portal content, but we have Living Atlas enabled, and even with "outside_org=False" , the search still return all the living atlas layers. There's probably an ea...
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  • Via only ArcGIS API for python script, Is there a way to publish/overwrite an ArcGIS Online MMPK file?

    I have manually been publishing an Mobile Map Package (.mmpk) within ArcGIS Pro 2.2 using the "Share Mobile Map" interface. However, I update this same .mmpk every month, and have been trying to figure out how to use ...
    created by manya66
  • Save items as json with ArcGIS API for Pyhton

    Hello  Is there a way to save the items-information as JSON like the JSON we could see with ArcGIS Online Assistant?  Espacially I would like to store the "Web Map"-json to backup this information. C...
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  • Linear Referencing returns ROUTE_NOT_FOUND on ArcGIS Server

    A Geoprocessing service has been created that uses the Make Route Event Layer tool; in the fields that contain the measures, both in the creation of the route and in the input table, the values are expressed...
    created by gcontino
  • select duplicate records in FGDB

    I understand I cannot use a SQL query to select multiple records that have duplicate values within a FGDB (only personal or SDE).  Does anyone have a workaround?  My goal is to select features that have...
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