• Reverse Geocoding result with Street Intersections 

    I am not sure if the libraries I am using are older, but I am getting an error when using the featureTypes qulaifier in the Python API geoding command below     arcgis.geocoding.reverse_geocode(begcoord...
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  • Error prepare data

    I'm trying to prepare training data with this detail : ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2 inRaster = "E:\Work\ArcDL\Base\MANADO_FIX.tif" (raster 8bit unsigned, thematic, with nodata=0) out_folder = "E:\Work\ArcDL\gtg6" in_train...
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  • How to update Portal system properties using Python

    I'd like to update the Portal system properties using the Python API. The documentation seems to indicate that it can be done. However, making an assignment to System.properties doesn't appear to udpate the system pro...
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  • How to change the height of the map widget (arcgis Python api) in Jupyter Notebook?

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  • Export training data for deep learning

    Hi all! I'm trying to learn about python and deep learning. I have tried to follow the sample notebooks and watch the training courses but now i'm stucked.   I have done some training samples in Arcgis Pro with...
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  • copy layers between webmaps?

    SHORT VERSION: I have a webmap for a national set of layers, plus several webmaps containing regional data sets. My goal is to start with the national webmap and add in the layers from the relevant regional webmap for...
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  • Legend element isOverflowing property is not working properly

    I have a very strange problem with printing workflow.   The simplified workflow is that I am printing web map with template for legend. With arpcy.mapping.MapDocument.isOverflowing I am checking, if le...
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  • PermissionError

    Dear all   I have issue when using arcgis.learn.detect_objects() function,     updateParameters Syntax Error: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\f...
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  • Arcpy - ExportToPDF - output_as_image

    According to the Docs on Esri's website for the Layout (and mapSeries) class, there is supposed to be parameter for the "exportToPDF" function called "output_as_image", but when running code including that parameter (...
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  • Filter layer inside webmap

    Hi all,   Is there a posibility to filter an operational layer inside a webmap (similar to what definition query does in ArcMap) and after to save the webmap with the new updates?   I`m at the step where I...
  • Unable to get list of users in a role

    Our portal installation is configured with enterprise logins and allows users to auto create an account when they authenticate for the first time.  We also have a custom role called "Auto_Created" which is t...
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  • Update item properties reset back to no value (null)

    I'm building a test script that will change an item's property value (accessInformation), and then reset that property back to no value (Null) in the ArcGIS API for Python. I've tried passing None/False into the dict ...
    created by kali-esristaff
  • Spatial join _Python_ 'FeatureLayer' object is not callable

    I'm trying to perform a spatial join ("intersect" or "Within") to join a target layer (cities) to a polygon (utilities).  Here is the code I'm using:    Point_to_utility = join_features(target_layer=ci...
    created by Jakelr
  • General Question about REST API Education

    This is a strange and very broad question, but I'm going to give it a shot. I have been  working with ArcGIS API for Python and have had decent results, but the hunting and pecking for scraps of useful informati...
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  • Deep learning - invalid argument 0: Sizes of tensors must match except in dimension 0

    Dear all,   I have issue with deep learning tools. I exported 12 000 training chips from Esri Imagery basemap to TIFF - see settings.png   The TIFFs looks fine as well as the labels file.   On callin...
  • arcgis.learn.prepare_data() error calling dataset_type='RCNN_MASKS'

    Hi,    I'm getting an error when calling the prepare_data function in arcgis.learn. The error seems to originate from the data.py file inside the arcgis.learn site-package, inside the dataset_type == 'RCNN_...
  • arcgis.learn.Model.query_info Error

    Hi everyone, I have an issue when using arcgis.learn.Model.query_info() function.The error indicates that I am missing the python package. But in which environment do I install these python packages on the Im...
    created by linosun
  • Deep Learning prepare_data

    Hello, I am following the example here for pixel classification: Pixel-based Classification Workflow with | ArcGIS for Developers    In my case I am exporting data and labels from ArcPro, when i run: dat...
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  • Feature Layer Calculate Timeout Error Code 400

    How to overcome the timeout error 400 that is hindering a perfectly good request.  I can enter the same commands on the command line and they work alright.  But the script is  ending in timeout!  I...
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  • Why are so many functions in arcgis 1.7 depreciated?

    I learned from customer support that the aggrgate_points function is depreciated based on the error messages I sent them.  I get the same error message now with the enrich_layer function as well!!!  How can ...
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