• Publish HOSTED Feature Layer with Python

    Greetings.  I am able to create/publish a zipped geodatabase to AGOL with python using the .publish() method.  However, this does not publish as a HOSTED Layer.  I really need it hosted so that it can ...
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  • join_features

    Is there a way to export join_features results to a shapefile?
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  • Limit on adding fields to an attribute table of a shapefile?

    I am new to this forum and have a question about creating and populating fields in attribute table of a shapefile. We are working at the parcel level and have a python script that calculates 12 metrics for each parcel...
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  • Solve Vehicle Routing Problem - API for Python

    Hi All,   I am just running to use Solve Vehicle Routing Problem ESRI provided in Solve Vehicle Routing Problem—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation       I have same data and no changes ma...
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  • An ArcGIS Notebook Server is not currently configured.

    I have always run spatially supported datafarames directly from Jupyter. I attempted and successfully shared a notebook in ArcGIS online.  I tried to double click and  open to use  the notebook an...
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  • Creating / updating feature layer in ArcGIS Online from geopandas GeoDataFrame?

    Hi    Is it at all possible to create a feature layer in ArcGIS Online from a GeoDataFrame? If you cannot create a feature layer directly from a GeoDataFrame, is it possible to populate an existing feature ...
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  • UpdateCursor With a Hosted Table

    I'm trying to populate the 'Description' field in the Recycling Locations View layer (a hosted Feature Layer) with the text from the 'Description' field in the Green Descriptions layer (a hosted Table). The 'Category'...
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  • 'in_table' is not a table or a featureclass

    Why is this Table not a table?    At first I had 'Table' in the type parameter and got [ ]. Then I found out the Table is actually a 'Feature Layer Collection'.   So, that's great. Or so I thought...
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  • How to Publish a Spatially Enabled Dataframe on AGOL?

    I am currently trying to publish a SEDF on AGOL but am unable to do so. I have been referring to the documentation, and have been using df.spatial.to_featurelayer() to no avail. Here is my code: &#...
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  • Open ArcGIS published TIF file and transform

    Hello,   I recently downloaded a dataset from a Chinese geodata site (Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository ) The published data is in the for of a .TIF raster file with some metadat...
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  • Parameters not valid for delete_features

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  • Creating new user via ArcGIS API for Python

    Hey all,  i am trying to automate the creation of named users on arcgis online. I am basically using the code from the example notebooks. And it always fails     the gis object is created with an ad...
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  • Get distance from X / Y coordinates from xls Excel file

    I have a xls Excel file with a startpoint and endpoint column each containing x and y coordinates and I need to get the distance between each start- and endpoint. The result (the calculated distance) should be added a...
  • Why curves get converted to line segments in API?

    Hi,    I'm working with the Python API wherein I update a polygon hosted feature layer. I get the data from a local file geodatabase and iterate the featureclass inside that geodatabase. I'm using the Spati...
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  • Python API to automate the creation of tile service from feature service

    Hi   I have around 750 global feature services in my ArcGIS online account. I would like to create a tile service for each one using the ArcGIS API for Python. I would like to replicate the process of creating T...
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  • publish(overwrite=true) Failing

    Overwriting existing SD… Traceback (most recent call last): File "test.py", line 74, in <module> fs = sdItem.publish(overwrite=True) File "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\lib\...
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  • Download a zip file with an ArcPY geoprocessing service in ArcGIS Portal

    I have an ExportExcelFile geoprocessing service developed in ArcPy and I want the user to get the download file URL returned so that they can click on the link and download the Excel file.   The geoprocessin...
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  • featureLayerCollection overwrite "Job failed"

    Hi. I am trying to update/overwrite a hosted feature layer, following the logic given near the end of a tutorial on learn.arcgis (Update Real-Time Data With Python). It uses the following to overwrite the feature laye...
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  • Installing Arcpy module in python 3.8

    I've found similar threads from other users with previous versions of python, but struggled to make heads or tails of the "results". I have a python3 script that I'm trying to run (essentially just a the python script...
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  • Different errors when passing string to invite_users

    invite_users should actually take a list, of course. But if I pass a string by mistake/by not reading the docs closely enough, I encounter two different responses, neither of which indicates that the format was the is...