• No Arcpy Method do Determine a Layer's Joins

    The subject says most of it.   Years have gone by, and it is still not possible in using the Python Arcpy classes and functions to determine whether a map layer (or layer file) has any joins, still less what dat...
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  • storageUsage and storageQuota

    I'm looping through all users in our org to gather info for a dashboard.  I've noticed that on all users the storageUsage is the same along with storageQuota for each users.  All other results - role, create...
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  • Combine FeatureLayer with Proxy

    Hi, I'm trying to query a FeatureLayer Layer: Average Score (Indigenous) (ID: 0) , but from behind a proxy.   I tried combining this FeatureLayer with a GIS object, but that doesn't seem to work.  ...
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  • Feature Layer query for multiple coordinates

    Hi,   I have a FeatureLayer that I'm trying to query for a bunch of coordinates. Is there any way to query the FeatureLayer once (from the WWW to my local machine) and then query it once per coordinate, instead ...
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  • Copying descriptions from feature layers to map image layers with ArcGIS Python API?

    Hi   I am wondering if there is a way to copy descriptions from feature layers to map image layers using the Python API?   I know when publishing feature layers there is a corresponding map image layer tha...
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  • Update Feature Layer Extent

    Hi All,   I have 100's of layers in my portal. I want to set extent for all those layers to Features in each feature layer. Please let me know how to achieve this using arcgis python api.   Thanks, Krish
    created by krishnavsav
  • Error prepare data

    I'm trying to prepare training data with this detail : ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2 inRaster = "E:\Work\ArcDL\Base\MANADO_FIX.tif" (raster 8bit unsigned, thematic, with nodata=0) out_folder = "E:\Work\ArcDL\gtg6" in_train...
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  • How to use usage method with Python API for ArcGIS?

    I want to find all items in my organization that have not been accessed or opened in say the last 6 months and delete them.  I have some code here which gets the item ids, but it appears as if only the first item...
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  • Pass AD Login from arcgis to arcpy

    Is there a way to pass my AD login from arcgis to arcpy?  The arcpy package only supports built in accounts, and I want to only have 1 account per each of my users in enterprise/agol.  Currently, have built ...
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  • Missing .emd (Export Training for Deep Learning)

    Hello!  I am having trouble - an am wondering if anyone else also has this problem. Using the 'Export Training Data or Deep Learning' tool numerous times, I have been unable to generate the .emd file needed to c...
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  • Where can Python API v1.7 be found on Conda?

    I am looking to install the python api 1.7 but conda is only finding version 1.6.  Has the latest version not been officially released on conda or is not compatible with python version 3.7? 
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  • GeoJSON Hosted Layer Error

    I'm attempting to publish a geojson file as a hosted layer to ArcGIS Online but it gives me "There was an error". However, if I add it as a layer to an already created map, it shows just fine.   I have the permi...
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  • ImportError: No module named 'arcgis'

    I was able to import the arcgis module in jupyter notebook fine until today. The interpreter is unable to find the arcgis module even though 'arcgis-1.0-py35_1' exists in 'C:\Program Files\Miniconda3\pkgs'. ...
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  • Cannot log in with different ArcGIS Portal user account using ArcGIS Python API

    I have an ArcGIS Portal log in account (viewer account) in an enterprise GIS infrastructure and want to use the ArcGIS Python API to connect with a separate admin account to be able to produce reports on the ArcGIS Po...
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  • UnboundLocalError when calling 'Classified_Tiles' in prepare_data

    I've exported Classfied_Tile formatted image chips from ArcGIS Pro to train a Unet Classifier. However, when setting up 'prepare_data' function I get an UnboundLocalError. I'm running this in Jupyter Lab   Input...
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  • Deep Learning prepare_data

    Hello, I am following the example here for pixel classification: Pixel-based Classification Workflow with | ArcGIS for Developers    In my case I am exporting data and labels from ArcPro, when i run: dat...
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  • How to use python api from enterprise

    I'm trying to use the python api from an enterprise (UC Berkeley) but can't figure out how to authenticate with the GIS() function since I don't have  a password and for the web access authenticate through our en...
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  • Update WebMap dictionary for multiple feature layers

    There are several threads on here that have gotten me this far, but I've still not found any solid documentation about what needs to be supplied to the JSON dictionary in order to properly update it. Note: I can get t...
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  • update vs publish for service definitions   

    What is the difference between update and publish for service definitions in arcpy and AGOL?
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  • How to upgrade to 1.7.0

    I have a previous ArcGIS Pro clone environment with ArcGIS API for python upgraded to 1.6.2. I would like to upgrade this now to 1.7.   conda upgrade -c esri arcgis - This does not work.    If I try ...
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