• problem using arcpy.GeocodeAddresses_geocoding with a query layer (Oracle View)

    i need to geocode addresses from an Oracle View. This has to be implemented with Arcpy. first i try  this in ArcMap (10.6.1) by adding my view as query layer and geocoding the addresses with a local locator...
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  • Getting WinErrors 10060 and 10054 when using ArcGIS API for Python against Portal 10.6.1

    Hey all,   We've been struggling with an issue for about a week now and wanted to hopefully reach out to the GeoNet community to see if anyone else has experienced it or has ideas on how to narrow this down furt...
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  • get a list of all arcgis items with arcgis python module

    Is it possible to get a list of all arcgis online items with the python module?
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  • Python API vs Python based GP Tools for Analysis?

    Many of the solutions we have created for our organization have been released as Python based Geoprocessing Tools (sometimes rolled-up into widgets, other times simply a GP Service).   Since we've implemented a ...
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  • Failure to publish spatially enabled dataframe

    Hi all. I am running into issues publishing a spatially enabled dataframe as a feature layer through the arcgis python api. I execute the following: gis = GIS(<my portal>, <user>, <pw>) feature_laye...
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  • shape encode iso8859-1

    how can i give exported shape a neu Encoding iso8859-1 ?? so that data source is iso8859-1
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  • AddGeometryAttributes_management failing to execute

    I'm having a problem where I'm trying to calculate area of geometry but it is failing in my Python script. Using ArcGIS 10.6.1. arcpy.AddGeometryAttributes_management("layername", "AREA", Area_Unit="SQUARE_KILOMETERS"...
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  • ARCPY: Half Baked and Confusing

    I hardly know where to begin, or end, but I'll try.   I want to create a python utility to do one very small, but repetitive, task: make a (known) subset of fields invisible in a map layer without having to fire...
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  • How to load a wms layer to an existing webmap

    Dear Community, I am trying to add a wms to a an existing webmap on agol. While I am able to add a feature layer, I can't do with a wms one. It raises the following error:   KeyError    ...
  • ArcGIS Api for Python - set content status on Item

    Hello - does anyone know how to set the content status on an item?  Currently, the api will allow you to read the content status property, but there seems to be no way to set the content status.  Something l...
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  • Solution in Python 3 for SLIP connections

    I recently had to create a script to enable downloading of map packages from a SLIP connection here in Western Australia.  There was code available from the providers but a few tweaks were needed to allow it to w...
  • ExtentIndicator/ MapSeries

    I'm working on map series in ArcGIS Pro, where I'm generating 5129 maps using fixed layout, though till now I got output which is needed for my project, like using dynamic text but I'm facing one problem in data frame...
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  • ArcGIS API Python .publish() error

    created a csv with 1 record and 10 columns then used arcgis api for python to publish it in to feature layer. the job fails. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated?   -------------------------------------...
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  • Please Participate! ArcGIS API for Python Blueprint Survey!

    The blueprint survey is an important part of the exam development process.  Survey participants will first review the description of the Minimally Qualified Candidate (MQC) and the exam blueprint. Then they wil...
  • Get User Folder Name Provided the Folder ID

    Using the ArcGIS API for Python, is there a way to get the name of a user's folder if provided the folder ID?   For example, one of the properties of a portal item is "ownerFolder", which returns the id of the u...
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  • Is it a good idea to publish the ArcGIS Python API script?

    I have a script running perfectly in Jupyter Notebook. Now I am thinking of whether or not I should publish it as a web tool so that it can be shared among my colleagues --- I am the only one having a ArcGIS Python AP...
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  • Dissolve regression in ArcGis Desktop 10.3.1 and newer

    ArcGis Desktop 10.3.1 does not dissolve to a single row while version 10.3 does it.   We use .NET API but we also tested using Python. In both cases dissolve fails to do it. Same error in all versions > 10.3...
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  • Things that bothers me with arcpy and arcgis python api.

    Comming from the field of geomatics to writing scripts and programs can be alot of fun. But sometimes we skip some fundamental parts of writing exceptional good utilities. And there is a particular weekness in arcpy a...
  • Extract info from an mxd file programmatically

    Hi All, some years ago one of our developers wrote a python script to identify text fields in an mxd file and extract information such as file names and layer names. The script doesn't work with recent versions/releas...
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  • QT + Python + QML + ArcGIS runtime for QT

    QT announced support for PySide2 Qt for Python 5.12 Released - Qt Blog  PySide2 · PyPI    ESRI has its Runtime for QT (100.4): ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt (latest) | ArcGIS for Developers  ...
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