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I have been working on a project were I am looping through rows of data and importing them into a geodatabase. While some of the data had coordinates, some didn't, but did have a street address. With that, I needed to quickly geocode a single address while looping through the records. Along with my coworker @TomSellsted we created a python function to do just this.


As a disclaimer, it requires the 'requests' library that is in the ArcGIS Pro and 10.6 install. 


Let me know how it works for you! 

Tonight's update to ArcGIS Online introduces a new concept of "User Types". You will not be able to interact with these new user types unless you are using v1.5.2 of the Python API, also released tonight. Please install or upgrade this newest version of the Python API via:


conda install -c esri arcgis


pip install arcgis


Other new features and bug fixes associated with this release can be viewed here. This includes a MapView.take_screenshot() function, Spatially Enabled DataFrame updates, and more! Integrate this new version of the Python API into your environment, and as always let us know your feedback!