The Time Has Come for v1.5.0

Blog Post created by jyaist-esristaff Employee on Aug 16, 2018

The ArcGIS API for Python Version 1.5 is here. You've waited for the Map Widget to use the JavaScript 4x, and the wait is finally over. It's all happening. Fully supported Web Scenes in the Jupyter Notebook no longer reside in a galaxy far, far away - they are now at your front door with all the 3D visualization you can handle. Not just old-faithful Jupyter notebooks, either...there's full support for JupyterLab. Take a look here! You can also specify autocast JavaScript renderers, export your maps from notebooks to HTML, and set up an external JavaScript CDN for use in a disconnected environment. We can't hardly stand what you're about to do with the new capabilities in this API.


The wicked flexible Spatial Dataframe turns up the volume with a new accessor-based implementation that allows for access to spatial operations as a property on the steady, reliable Pandas Dataframe. Just use the sdf property and you're all set. With this new way of working with the Spatial Dataframe comes improved rendering and projection support along with enabling Arcade expressions.


And you know that's not all, so head on over to the API for Python Guide Release Notes to scope out the details...and then stay tuned for an awesome new series of blogs coming soon to the ArcGIS Blog that will highlight intense new workflows incorporating these new features!