• Modifying Geometry in EditCompleted Event Handler

    Hello,   Hopefully someone will be able to tell me what I am doing wrong or an alternative approach.   In our ArcGIS Pro configuration, we need to keep links "connected" to their end nodes.  So if you...
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  • Importing a layout does not preserve Map frame-map connection

    Environment: ArcGIS Pro 2.5 ArcGIS Desktop Layout DLL version:   While trying to export and import the same layout, I am losing the map frame's map connection in the layout. If I export the layout...
    created by anandhasudhan
  • Dockpane loading issue

    Hi Experts,   At one of my clients, they stream arcgis pro with appstream. We have developed/deployed around 4 custom addinx files with around 40 dockpanes    Since it is large scale, I have spl...
  • Call Geoprocessing.ExecuteToolAsync on managment.CreateTable is failing

    Hello,   Based on this example L. 90, I'm trying to create a FeatureClass in an Oracle database using the geoprocessing tool "managment.CreateTable".   In the documentation it's said th...
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  • ArcGIS Pro SDK for .Net loading dlls and app.config settings

    I am trying to use some third party dlls (Entity Framework and EntityFramework.SqlServer) in my arcgis Pro sdk module. However, whenever my code runs inside ArcMap pro, I get errors like this:   No Entity Framew...
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  • Retrieval of Project/project template metadata

    Hi Guys,   When we create the project template from a project, we need to add tags/description and few metadata.  The question is that how we can retrieve these information from ArcGIS pro sdk by using the...
  • Remove a layer using ArcGis Pro SDK 2.4

    Hi,    How do you remove FeatureClass from file geodatabase programmatically using the ArcGIS Pro SDK?   Thank´s  
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  • How to use a plugin datastore with a corehost app

    We have created a plugin datastore around our data model.  I wanted to be able test various configurations in a corehost app.  However, when trying to load it in the app I get:   Could not open ... the...
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  • Determine Active Dockpane or Unsubscribe

    I'm going to think about this overnight but I have a situation were I have a map event being fired and being handled by an AddIn that actually is NOT being used but because it's subscribed to a map event at initializa...
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  • How to customize the icon of a custom module in ArcGIS Pro SDK

    I created a customized ArcGIS Pro module and everything works fine but I also would like to create a customized icon for the module.  I found this resource but it does not work for me   ProGuide Content an...
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  • GeoJSON conversion support with Pro SDK

    Does the Pro SDK provide any helpers to convert geoJson (not esri Json) both to and from ArcGIS.Core.Geometry. MapPoint, Polyline, and Polygon?   If not, are there any recommended techniques, third party Nuget p...
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  • Pro update broke ability to add .lyrx to map

    My code adds a layer file (.lyrx) to the map. Up to now, this was working fine as follows:   Uri myUri = new Uri(C:\<path to .lyrx>\mySymbology.lyrx); Layer newlayer = LayerFactory.Instance.CreateFeatureL...
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  • Inserting GUIDs into a file geodatabase

    I am reading data from a database that is incompatible with ArcGIS Pro into an ESRI geodatabase using the .Net SDK. The database stores primary keys as GUIDs e.g. {e372ad91-9e24-4054-9454-5bb31657f2db} which is t...
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  • Any way to add graphic image from memory to map or layout

    Hi Guys,   I am currently developing an addin which will generate the image from memory dynamically (using system.Drawing c#) And would like to check is there anyway to load the image into map or layout.  ...
  • Removing Graphic Overlay at Dockpane

    Hi Guys,   I have a button in a dockpane to add one graphic overlay on the map view based on the provided geometry like below code snippet.   I call RemoveDrawnGraphic method before AddGraphics is bei...
  • Progress dialog with messages

    Hello everybody,   I am in the middle of a project and I have a question regarding interactions between arcgis pro and Python.   I want to execute a tool with the progress dialog.   I already found the ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro Report Option "can grow"

    Hello, in ArcMap-Reports we could use the Option Can Grow to Text fields, so they were able to grow and the following fields moved downwards. I can not find this option in ArcGIS Pro. Is there something...
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  • Where to listen for OnRowChanged event

    Hi,   I'm trying to implement some code in an AddIn that will listen for Edit events, and then run some code.  I'm using the following article to help (https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/sdk/api-reference/#t...
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  • Mock FrameworkApplication.State

    I am creating a custom Add In and would like to add some unit tests. My application toggles states in the FrameworkApplication. Is there a suggested method for mocking the FrameworkApplication.State for unit testing?
    created by MKollodge
  • Multipoint Layout Graphic Elements?

    I'm trying to programatically create a few types of charts within a Layout - point charts, line charts, and bar charts. Line charts and bar charts are both going to be sets of polylines, and given that Polyline object...