• Plug-in Data Sources for ArcGIS Pro

    Hi,  Does ArcGIS Pro SDK support proprietary data formats by applying plugin data source? For example we have CAD (.NCZ) file,  ArcGis Pro does not support this format (.NCZ) but can be done by implementing ...
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  • Retrieving programatically added Project Items (Layouts)

    I'm developing an add-in that needs to programatically import a Layout from a PAGX file into a Project. The import itself is working fine, but I need to use the Layout object immediately after it is added. This become...
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  • How to enable surface constraints for a las dataset using the CIM?

    Hi there   I have added a surface constraint to a las dataset but it does not automatically enable the constraint and I am wondering how I could enable it using the SDK?   When I add the surface constraint...
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  • Create RasterDataset

    Hi,   I came across some sample of updating raster data with ArcGIS pro sdk. ProSnippets Raster · Esri/arcgis-pro-sdk Wiki · GitHub    But I didn't manage to find the sample or guidance of ...
  • Replacement for extending AddIns.Extension

    With ArcMap AddIns, I extended the AddIns.Extension class to create a custom extension as a central repository to store states and variables that were relevant to different workflows in my AddIn. For example: the curr...
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  • Does ArcGIS Pro SDK support TIN API

    I am looking for Arcobjects SDK alternatives for ITin and ITinEdit in ArcGIS Pro SDK. Does ArcGIS Pro SDK support this?   Appreciate any help on references to samples or API methods.
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  • Flash Geometry

    How to flash Geometry such as MapPoint, Multipoint, polyline, etc.  in ArcGIS Pro SDK .NET ? I don't mean flash features or selected features.  For example Flash the below MapPoint which is not belong to a...
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  • Problem using "Shape.STLength()" field in the CalculateStatistics method

    I am writing a reporting application so the boss can quickly get the number of linear miles in a variety of polyline feature classes. I am using the .CalculateStatistics method based on the examples on Github. The fol...
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  • MultiThreading / Parallel Processing in ArcGIS Pro AddIn

    Hello, I am working on an ArcGIS 2.4.1 Pro AddIn that processes CPU-intensive tasks. One of the tasks is to create Polygons from parts of different PolyLines, which I achieved with the following code (shortened to th...
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  • Apply LayerX Files from Portal

    I can store a layerX file in Portal and access from my Pro Client with it's item ID:   Item testLayerLryx = ItemFactory.Instance.Create(lyrxId, ItemFactory.ItemType.PortalItem);   Great. However - can I u...
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  • Load panes after opening the project

    In a .NET project, I save the panes data in the xml string so that when I start the project I can configure the panes according to the settings. Panes are created, but they immediately close due to loading of the late...
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  • Hook into ArcGIS command and get events

    Hi,   ArcGIS has a nice command to edit the vertices (add, delete, move etc.) of a polyline and it also makes it easy for me to actually call it from a Button:   var iCommand = FrameworkApplication.GetPlugI...
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  • How can I access the memory-based workspace via the SDK?

    I've read the page on writing geoprocessing output to memory and saw an example on the SDK Github using the memory-based workspace, but all the examples either use Python or only show writes, not reads.   How ca...
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  • How to access "item description" metadata?

    Hi all,   I was hoping someone could tell me how I can use the ArcGIS Pro SDK to access the item description metadata (abstract/keywords/description etc…) of a feature class?   The example on the Pr...
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  • Creating ViewShed Geopackage ArcGIS Pro

    How to create a view shed geopackage from arcgis Pro 2.4, that supports arcgis runtime(by package Result). The o/p of the package should be in the feature set but not the raster layer.     I would like...
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  • Define Projection C# - WPF code example?

    Hi, i want to develop and customize "Define Projection toolbox" , I use ArcgisPro 2.4 Desktop SDK .NET (C#), but i don't find the function on the sdk , i have find "ProjectionTransformation" but i think that it ...
    created by Rosario85
  • How to create a symbol style like mil2525d in arcgis pro

    I would like to create the symbol style file that Is able to have street symbols ponds symbols and basically usgs symbols for civilization. All the building symbols, shop symbols   Is there any resource availabl...
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  • ChangeVersion

    I have tried to use the Change Version (ArcGIS Pro 2.4 API Reference Guide) method on my current map and do not get the results I would expect.  I copied the code example directly into a button action. The UI doe...
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  • How to get the coordinates of a selected feature?

    In my add-in project I have many layers (points, polylines, polygons). I want to get the coordinates of a feature selected from any feature layer in the list through a map tool and show into the text boxes of a winfor...
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  • Drag and Drop from Content Pane

    Hi,   Following Uma Harano code on Drag & Drop into a DockPane , I am attempting to get the name and catalogue path of the payload that have been drag from the content pane.   if it possible ...