• Embedding Toolboxes in ArcGIS Pro

    UPDATE: Moved question to ArcGIS Pro SDK and mentioning Uma Harano as the author of the embedded toolbox article.   I'm following the instructions to embed a toolbox in arcgis pro here, but am get...
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  • Dissolve Features based on Dissolve Field using C# ArcGIS Pro SDK

    How can I use dissolve with ArcGIS Pro SDK?   My old code in ArcObjects was  ExecuteGeoprocessingTool(new ESRI.ArcGIS.DataManagementTools.Dissolve() { in_features = intermediate, dissolve_field = "Name"...
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  • Possible to load fonts into ArcGIS Pro

    In ArcMap we had used a font called Myriad Pro, I was wondering if there was any way to load this font into ArcGIS Pro to use in a text element in the map layout.
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  • ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET points to the old FeatureClass after changing Data Source of FeatureLayer

    Hi, Esri Technical Support   I am using ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET version   Based on community sample ChangeLayerDataSource.cs I have implemented Data Source change functionality using...
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  • How to get raster system-optimized pixel block size programmatically

    Hi Guys,   In ArcObject we can get system-optimized pixel block size like this below code. ArcObjects 10 .NET SDK Help           //Create a raster.   ...
  • Check if toolbox tool exists before opening it

    Is there a way to check if a toolbox tool exists before opening it using the arcgis pro sdk? When I tried OpenToolDialog()  on a tool not in the toolbox it tried to open it and failed.       ...
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  • How can you make a MapSelectionChangedEvent for Highlighted Rows only?

    I am trying to do something similar to this:   MapSelectionChangedEvent.Subscribe(OnSelectionChanged);   private void OnSelectionChanged(MapSelectionChangedEventArgs args) { //Custom code here } ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.4 add in that would execute after a project is loaded

    I have an ArcGIS Pro 2.4 add in that I would like to have execute after a project is loaded, but does not require the user to click a button or select a tool.  Essentially, it would act like a onload functio...
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  • Is there an ArcGIS Pro SDK event for layers being added to the map?

    I'd like to create an ArcGIS Pro Add In that an event can be used to trigger some code execution when a layer is added to a map.  Is this possible?  I was unable to locate an event in the SDK, or I'm lo...
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  • Loading data from enterprise geodatabase is slow in ArcGIS Pro 2.4 SDK

    I am working on creating an add-in for Pro that we use with ArcMap and is very popular, hence the need to get it working with Pro before we transition to using Pro exclusively.  The issue is that retrieving data ...
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  • Can I add or embed a gallery to a DocPane?

    I have a gallery item that potentially contains hundreds of items. I have filter controls that will filter out the items in the ribbon tab. What I want to do is combine both in a DocPane. I can add the filter contols ...
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  • Adding a raster layer from a map service results in null layer

    Hi,   NOTE: I have updated this question from struggling to add a specific layer from a map service (as I have managed to work this out) to having a problem with adding raster layers (don't work) vs adding vecto...
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  • Add Layer into ArcGIS Pro via IWA and ArcGIS Server

    Hi,   I have a map service with WMS capability. It has several Feature Layers published within. I only have ArcGIS Server running (10.6.1) and I have implemented IWA as the security. In ArcGIS Pro 2.4 I want t...
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  • Customizing Pro UI with DAML

    I am looking to simplify the Pro interface via a configuration addin. The items I am having trouble with are Quick Access Toolbar (I need to remove some of the buttons) and the Attribute Table (need to remove Add...
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  • How can I capture a combobox on the ribbon's drop down event?

    I would like my combobox on my custom ribbon to refresh on its drop down event. I searched msdn for information about the OnDropDown() event signature but this isn't recognized (see attached screenshot).   ...
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  • Is there a way to determine if an event listener has already been created with a RowCreatedEvent (or Deleted, Changed)?

    I've created an add in button that subscribes to a RowChangedEvent for each layer in a map.    If another layer is added to the map and the add in button is executed again,  each of the previous layers ...
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  • Relationship events in ArcGIS Pro SDK

    Hi! I'd like to subscribe an edition event (create, change or delete) in a relationship, similar to the functionality implemented with  IRelationshipClassEvents interface in ArcObjects .NET SDK. Do you have any ...
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  • 'Share a linesegment'-relationship for SpatialQueryFilter?

    Hi! I'm trying to find which two areas are divided by a boundary (having the areas and boundaries in two separate featureclasses). Since we have no access to MapTopology in the Pro API, I'm instead trying to do a Sear...
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  • How do you add existing controls to a Gallery?

    I was watching an Esri video from this year's DevSummit presented by Uma Harano It demonstrates how to add controls to a gallery in a ribbon. I'm unclear on how to actually add controls (e.g. buttons) to a Galler...
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  • Changing Pro application options in configuration

    What is the proper pattern for changing the Pro application options in a configuration addin? Specifically, I would like to programmatically disable the automatic loading of basemaps in a new map when Pro starts....