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I am in the process of upgrading my users to the newest version of ArcGIS Pro 2.4.3 and testing my code.  It appears that CancelEdit is not performing as expecting in the OnRowChangeEvent?  It seems to work in OnRowDeleteEvent but not in OnRowChange?   else if (ConditionTrue) //rollback                         {                            … (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
I need to programmatically connect to a feature service. I'm doing this in the recommended way, creating a ServiceConnectionProperties object with the URL to the feature service, and then instantiating a Geodatabase object with those connection properties.   In certain cases, this is working fine. In other cases, certain feature service URLs are… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
This is the code that I am using and it is not changing the alignments on the text symbol position properties.   string mapTitle = "Notification Labels\r\n" + prjName + "\r\nBuffer: " + SizeUnits; Coordinate2D titleTxt_ll = new Coordinate2D(2.9538, 9.9116); CIMTextSymbol arial18bold =… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
I am making a buffer in an ArcGIS Pro Add-in. How do I set the units? GeometryEngine.Instance.Buffer() takes a geometry and a distance. How do I get the map's units so I can choose the metric or US value I give the buffer method?
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
Hi All,     I would like to capture the Edit operation events. I am able to capture the Row level events based on Feature class. (ProSnippets Editing · Esri/arcgis-pro-sdk Wiki · GitHub ).   But i need to capture the events based on Vertex operation (i.e Adding Vertex and Delete Vertex). Can you please help me - how to handle these events.  … (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
Hello,   I'm trying to create a progress dialog that shows a progress value from 0 to 100 %.   Doing some research I found out that ProgressDialog() with CancelableProgressorSource() is able to serve this. My current setting is as follows:   public async void ComponentChangedHandler(Component selectedComponent) {     using (var progress = new… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
I am working on a Arc Pro .NET add in that uses APR feature classes. I would like to programmatically determine if a feature class is an engineering network or derived network, and what it's related  feature class would be. i.e. this feature class is an engineering network, and its derived network is X, and vise versa. Is this possible in the… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
Click to view contentArcGIS Pro version is 2.4.3 and SDE for .NET version A couple of months ago I asked about using ArcGIS Pro sdk to Get all edits in a version.  I'm testing this code against and Oracle 12.1 database and I'm seeing invalid results.  In the image below the OOTB version changes tool is showing 13 edits in the current version. I ran my… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
I have created an ArcGIS Pro Managed Configuration. I now want to add a WPF Window: 1. Right click on project - Add new item 2. Expand Visual C# Items - Select WPF --> only a User Control (WPF) appears, no Window (WPF), Page (WPF), and so on   Do I have to use an ArcGIS Pro ProWindow instead? I'm just wondering because a WPF Window is added… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
Hello,    I'm following the community samples and am trying to change the icon for my add in button. Its not working however, even though I have two buttons (one 16x16, other 32x32 like in the samples). They are present in both Images and Dark Images folders too, incase that mattered. They just dont load.   The line in the DAML file… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro SDK
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