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At a clients side a user with Admin privileges in the OS (Win) can run Maps for Office fine (in Excel). The "normal" user with restricted privileges failes - all buttons in the Excel Ribbons are greyed out. The external IT-admins are expecting this is caused by restrictions in their policy for the "normal" user. Any ideas what really is needed… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
I currently have a spreadsheet with various locations in Excel, tied to a map in the spreadsheet using Maps for Office.  I have the locations symbolized by color based on a field called "Status" in the spreadsheet, with "Status" restricted to a list of options that I've defined. My problem is that, when I change the value of "Status" for an entry… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
Click to view contentHello ArcGIS Maps for Office team   This might be an incredibly simple question but I've already wasted 10mins on it and been unable to find any documentation or videos online to help me understand how I move beyond selecting the map I want in Powerpoint, to actually adding it. I'm completely stuck on this screen with no means to move forward:  
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
Hi. When I try to configure The ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint, i can't finde he ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint Configuration page. When I click on ArcGIS in my site contents: it opens a browse with information abaut this add, any link or option to configure it. I use Online SharePoint and I'm the global administrator. I try to do this… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
Unfortunately ArcGis Map is deleted from my system. Is there any way to get the latest map from internet?
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
Click to view contentIs this button an issue?  I think it is unexpected behavior.  Maybe a different button in a different location should be the remove map button.  This one should just close or even minimize the map perhaps?  
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
Searched first, tried in Maps for Office 5.0, but cannot determine if one can access the tabular data for a feature service you pull into a map in Excel (through maps for office)?  This seems pretty basic, but essential, to see existing feature service tabular data in Excel which is designed for interacting with tables.................... excel… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
Downloaded the new 5.0 update.  I can't get any excel records into the map.  I keep getting "An error occurred while processing this action.  Please try again." when I select excel data from the map window.   I can add layers from portal.  Is anyone experiencing a similar issue? 
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
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