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Searched first, tried in Maps for Office 5.0, but cannot determine if one can access the tabular data for a feature service you pull into a map in Excel (through maps for office)?  This seems pretty basic, but essential, to see existing feature service tabular data in Excel which is designed for interacting with tables.................... excel… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
Downloaded the new 5.0 update.  I can't get any excel records into the map.  I keep getting "An error occurred while processing this action.  Please try again." when I select excel data from the map window.   I can add layers from portal.  Is anyone experiencing a similar issue? 
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
I was having a play to test out the new Office Maps update.  Somehow I've managed to use double the amount of credits we normally use in one day and not once did I see something that told me it would use credits or how many credits it would use.   I'm guessing it was the use of the report functionality?   I don't think we would be able to roll… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
I was prompted to update ArcGis Maps for Office yesterday. After I did, I got two error messages. One tells me the program can't connect to my ArcGIS Online account; the other tells me I don't have the correct privileges. I'm the administrator. I can't do any work at all.
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
I love the new interface!! Well done, such an improvement!! I started testing it and i am very happy with performance and functions. Working great on my end, I have two questions related to housekeeping and exporting content.   Renaming my maps: I cannot find this option anywhere! Creating Bookmarks, is this feature available? To avoid maps… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
We installed ArcGIS Maps for Office last summer and had an issue with just normally copy and pasting from one cell to another. When copy and pasting it will give you a ')' in the cell. I uninstalled ArcGIS Maps for Office and it's still doing the same thing. I believe it's corrupted my Microsoft Office.
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
Hello, I am trying to export a map from ArcMap at high resolution (suitable for printing at large scale for an exhibition). I have tried the steps outlined here: Exporting your map—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop  (under "Rasterization") but with no luck. Whatever I (supposedly) set the DPI to, the maps come out rather low quality. Thank you!
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
I am working on rolling out ArcGIS Maps for Office to a few users at my business and I am trying to instruct them to NOT click the remove "X" on the map, as to not break the connection and then cause the creation of duplicate layers upon sharing.   Is there a way, other than documenting and drilling in their heads not to do it, to recover a map… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
I'm running into a recent issue with the new v5.0 where when enriching data, it is only adding data for the first 25 rows.   I've tested this a few times -- in one instance I have a table of 210 DMAs and I'm trying to enrich with population it only fills the first 25 rows (yet I am using credits for all 210). Same with a test sample of zip codes.… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Maps for Office
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