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The ArcGIS community has long requested the ability to bring maps from ArcGIS Pro into Adobe Illustrator. The ArcGIS Maps for Adobe team has been collaborating with the ArcGIS Pro team to design a supporting workflow.


At ArcGIS Pro 2.5, you can now export a map or layout from ArcGIS Pro to an Adobe Illustrator Exchange (AIX) file format. Then you can use this AIX file with ArcGIS Maps for Adobe 2.0 (beta) version available here to convert a map into layered artwork for use in Illustrator. Once you convert the map, you can style and manipulate the resulting artwork with the graphic editing tools in Illustrator. 


ArcGIS Maps for Adobe 2.0 (Beta) is now available so you can evaluate this new integration and provide us feedback. Please see the requirements below to sign up for the beta program. 



- An existing account or ability to create an account with Esri's Early Adopter Community

- Adobe Illustrator CC v23.1 (or later)

- ArcGIS Pro 2.5 (or later)


Stay tuned!

We recently released a patch for ArcGIS Maps for Adobe CC v 1.5 that fixes an issue with ArcGIS Online enterprise logins. If you've experienced issues signing in with an enterprise login provided to you by your company or university, then we recommend upgrading to v1.5.1 to install this patch. The update is available now on the Esri website and on Adobe Exchange.


Note: You can find the Maps for Adobe version number at the bottom of the sign-in and help windows. (To open the help window, click the menu button  and choose Help.)


This patch addresses the following issues:


- Extension doesn't load after signing in with an ArcGIS Online enterprise login

- Mapboards window appears blank after signing in

- Supported versions of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop aren't detected during installation



Thank you. 

Maps for Adobe CC team. 

A new version of ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud (v1.3.2) is now live on adobeexchange. This version contains fixes for 2 issues 

- Introduced with Illustrator v23.0.1 on Mac OS, the extensions drop downs and control labels do not display correctly.

- Projection of shapefiles did not function as expected.

These are resolved in the latest update. Please upgarde your extension and continue to email any questions or feedback to 

Quick update. We have had some reports of an issue randomly occurring on a few user machines after upgrading to v1.3.0 of the extension. When this occurs the Mapboard and Compilation panels remain blank and don’t display any controls or the map. It could occur with either Illustrator or Photoshop on both Mac and PC’s. We have narrowed down the source of this issue to the given apps ‘Preferences’. We already have a fix for this which will be posted in the next update. In the meanwhile, to continue working with the extension if you encounter this, we suggest to manually restore the preferences on the app that the issue appears on.


Following links describe steps to restore preferences in related apps.

Illustrator CC:

Photoshop CC:


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your patience while we roll out the update. If you continue to see an issue with the display of panels after restoring preferences please contact and we will be happy to work with you to investigate further.


Thank you.

Maps for Adobe Team.