ArcGIS Maps for Adobe 2.0 is here!

Blog Post created by mphaterpekar-esristaff Employee on May 15, 2020


ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud v 2.0 is now available! Download now 


Read more to find out about improvements available with this update.


New features:

Integration with ArcGIS Pro Adobe Illustrator Exchange (AIX) file - With the 2.5 release of ArcGIS Pro introduced a new export format, AIX, that works with the Maps for Adobe extension in IllustratorWhen you open an AIX file in Illustrator, vector and raster map content from the AIX file are converted by the extension into editable, layered artwork for an improved editing experience. Once opened in Illustrator, the file can be used for graphic design or map finishing workflows and accessed across other Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Upgrade to ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 and this version 2.0 of Maps for Adobe to get the best experience with this workflow.



Join Lines – This new process allows you to join segmented paths in linear geographic features like roads and railroads to improve the disjointed appearance which can sometimes occur with this type of data.



Redesigned interface for Processes – A new Processes interface allows you to configure and run your favorite processes from directly within the same interface. Use it to run automated processes like Replace Symbols on a map downloaded from the extension or automatically when you sync a new map.



Redesigned interface for Add Layers – A new interface for discovering layers and maps to import and add in the extension allows you to easily filter and search using your most important ArcGIS Libraries.



Import projection from input file - As a Plus or ArcGIS Online user, when you import a shapefile that uses a projection other than Web Mercator, you can choose whether to honor the projection in the shapefile or use the default.


In addition to these new features this update also addresses usability improvements and fixes for issue including:

- Layer with HeatMap renderer not drawing consistently and dropping off when synced (BUG-000125598)

- Blank Sign-in window when starting the extension"


We encourage you download this update and utilize these new capabilities. Please continue the conversations on our forums or contact Esri Technical Support if you encounter any issues. 


Thank you and stay safe. 


ArcGIS Maps for Adobe team