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I have a script tool that repeatedly solves an OD Cost Matrix problem using the method:   A month ago or so I was using ArcGIS 10.5 and the script would run fine either as a stand-alone script or as a script tool within ArcMap/ArcCatalog. I recently upgraded to ArcGIS 10.5.1 and the script will only… (Show more)
I have an opportunity with a client of mine, the scenario is as follow, they wanted to draw the transport lines on the map using GPS coordinates from the field, and after getting all the coordinates for the bus, they wanted to export as schematic map to be printed and distributed in every bus station.   an example of the requested result
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Hello, I am using the ‘Make Route Layer’ tool. Usually, I manually enter the optional ‘Start Time’. However, I have a field in a table where different start times are stored. Is there a way of automatically feeding these different start times to the ‘Make Route Layer’ tool? This will enable me iterate through the range of start times. Thanks in… (Show more)
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There is now a GTFS-Realtime connector for GeoEvent Server!  Use it to visualize your live public transit data in a map.