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ArcGIS for Parks and Gardens

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As far as activity in Parks and Garden...I know of several organizations actively using it, but none of them are posting here. The model is the starting point, and each organization uses the pieces that suit them. Here is a brief summary of how we use it at the Huntington Gardens. 1. Most of the model, we ignore. We are plant centered! We do add… (Show more)
Good day every, i'm a Nigeria student studying at Futa and my question is about how to download arcgis pro for windows 7 x32 bits. Thanks.
in ArcGIS for Parks and Gardens
I have a feature class of "Trees" and I have a related table for "Tree Surveys" (related by a tree ID).  A tree survey can be as simple as updating size and condition.  I have it set up this way so that we can have multiple surveys for one tree and could have a history to show change in size or condition.     However I would like to duplicate… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Parks and Gardens
Is this Parks and Gardens community and/or product offering still alive and kicking?  The release notes for the "Collection Mapper, for example, haven't been updated since 7/20/2015.   I don't want to invest much time into this if it's dying a slow death.
in ArcGIS for Parks and Gardens