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July 28th and 29th 2020


In this webinar, we will cover multiple elements in ArcGIS Maritime, including the following:

  •  S-57 and S-101 in ArcGIS Pro
  • Electronic and paper nautical charts with ArcGIS Maritime


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The ArcNews Summer 2020 Issue carries a great article on how Nautical Charts are undergoing a transformation to become completely digitized with the help of GIS technology.


The ArcGIS Maritime team has been on the forefront of making this electronic-first endeavor, where all the data is pulled from one standardized, GIS-based system. 


“This is completely turning on its head how traditional paper charts are made. These charts are still going to be safe for navigation, but they’re going to look different. It’s a big change.”

And it’s where the industry, by and large, is heading.

Read more of this thoroughly interesting and insightful article!