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In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • What "hydrospatial" means?
  • Building an MSDI and real-world examples using Esri technology.
  • Geographic information system (GIS) technology trends influencing MSDIs.
  • The United Nations (UN) Integrated Geospatial Information Framework and its connection to UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model as a catalyst for change.



The YouTube recording is now available!!

Increase the value of your bathymetric data using modern tools!! 


Management of bathymetric data for navigational depths and under keel clearance is critical for a port's operations and competitiveness.


This webinar highlights how you can leverage your bathymetric data for better analysis and planning of your berths and harbor terminals and how this information can become a vital component of your port's digital information strategy for success.



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Learn to use and automate machine-based object detection using convolutional neural networks in ArcGIS to solve real-world problems. 

Presenting Hydrographic Applications of AI!!


Learn how to:

  • Quickly apply GeoAI for object detection
  • Apply ArcGIS deep learning tools
  • Update Nautical Charts from AI outputs
  • Publish Nautical Charts as webservices



The YouTube recording is now available!!